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Episode #195 How does Facebook Pixel Help Me?

Are you missing out on a huge opportunity right now?  Your organic social media posting and website traffic can be doing double duty to get you even bigger results.  Even if you're not ready to run Facebook Ads yet, you'll want to turn on your Pixel now.  I'll explain why in this episode.   Listen to learn what a pixel is, how it can help you and how you get it set up.

Episode #194 Is My Facebook Ad Working? (Metrics Demystified)

Curious to start FB ads, but don't know how to tell if they work?  Or, did you run some, got zero sales and you don't know why?  Ad metrics are your friend.  They tell you what to fix & optimize so your ads are working and profitable.  Learn which ones matter and how to read them.

Episode #193 The Magical 4 Components of Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads are like a puzzle, they only work when all the correct pieces are in the right place.  Learn which pieces make up an ad and how to get them right so your ad will work.

Episode #192 Should I Use Facebook Ads?

Facebook Ads are a pretty tempting way to get clients.  But will it work for you?  This is the first of 5 episodes to educate you before, during and after investing in Facebook ads. Today, learn the types of FB ads, the approximate cost, and cold audience vs. warm audience.

PLUS - How to get more FB Page followers and Do Irresistible Offer Research using Facebook Ads.

Episode #191 Compassionate Energy Management

How do you keep your "Business Lights" on when you're having a significant energy dip, mental or physical health challenge, or unexpected life whammies?

Learn the secrets of Compassionate Energy Management to keep business running so you can pull back for some self care.

Episode #190 Life Whammies and Believing New Things

Life Whammies happen.  The unexpected events that create substantial negative emotions.  How can you use them as a catalyst to not only get back up, but RISE.  It's time to Believe New Things.  Check out this 30 day easy daily practice that you can start using today.

Episode #189 Relax with Money Management

Tired of a tight jaw, heavy chest and tense body?  Give your nervous system a break from being hijacked by money scarcity.  Try this money management technique so you can finally relax.

Episode #188 2024 Possibilities

 Make 2024 The Year IT Happens!  The year is full of possibilies to do new things and allow the Universe to align you with people for your biggest impact.  Let's get your systems ready to recieve all of the abundance coming your way!

Episode #187 Make Space to Manifest Your Dreams


You may have heard of Manifesting.  But are you unintentionally blocking your dreams?  The language you use matters.  Even more importantly, the space you make for your dreams to manifest matters.  Let's move you from "I wish this would happen" to "of course this happenened!"

Episode #186 Universal Alignment

There are no such thing as coincidences––but there is the concept of Universal Alignment.

Are you open to what or who the Universe it putting into your path?

Stay open and the Universe will take care of you. It will make sure you meet the right people at the right time to move you forward.

Episode #185 Creating Self Belief

Nothing can derail your business faster than a big dip in Self Belief.  It happens to all of us.  Here are 5 ways to reignite your Self Belief and get back on track.

Episode #184 Optimize Your Revenue and Time in Business

Are you spending more time working ON your business than actually enjoying the life you've built?

The Clarity Steps framework will guide your through, analyzing your processes, overcoming obstacles  to optimize time spent “at work”.

Let's find the balance you've been searching for!

Episode #183 High Converting Consultations

Consultations are that critical moment of connection with a potential client. Converting "potential" to "paid" can make or break your business.

So, let's dive into how the process of the Clarity Steps provides the framework you need to start converting your consultations into paid clients.

Episode #182 Create Your Suite of Products and Services

Would you like the Secret Sauce for creating your suite of products and services while keeping your mental health a priority?

I hear you saying 'YES PLEASE!" (again).

We are back with the Clarity Steps, ONE process that can support your success in all areas of your business.

Episode #181 How to Get Client Results

Would you like the Secret Sauce for helping your clients get the results they came to you for?

I hear you saying 'YES PLEASE!'

The Clarity Step seven-step process is the framework that can drive client success and so much more!

Episode #179 Yearly Business Planning for 2024

AUDIO WORKSHOP.  Grab your calendar and pencil!

Increase Revenue, Profit and significantly reduce anxiety and overwhelm by Yearly Business Planning. 12 months of Launches, Marketing, Offers, Product/Service building, Collaboration and of course....Vacations!

Episode #175 How to Get It All Done

Your to-do list is long and constant. Your plate is so full.  You are OVERWHELMED!

If you want to really be able to get it all done (and have the life you want), its time to take a systematic approach to all your tasks. I'm here to help you!

Episode #174 Seize the Opportunity

A new opportunity could be messy and chaotic, but it could be just the right thing to level-up in your business.

My new opportunity had so many things go wrong, but I'm still glad I said yes.

And I would say yes again.

Episode #173 Following Up After Networking

You've attended the networking event, had the conversations, and made so many new connections. Now what?

It's time to follow up!

This part can be a bit overwhelming, since you're trying to fit it into your already busy schedule. Use these tips to approach following up in a manageable way.

Episode #171 What if it Doesn't Work?

“What if it doesn't work?”  “What will “they” think?”

 It’s time to stop letting these thoughts stop you from moving forward in your business. It is time to identify the obstacles that are standing in your way and overcome them.

You CAN make everything happen the way you want. It is possible!

Episode #169 The Power of Collaboration

Are you ready to for your BIGGEST business ideas to come to life? Finding collaboration opportunities within your business can make that happen and take your business to great places.

Learn about the different ways you could add the Power of Collaboration into your business.

Episode #168 Ditch the Drama, Get Everything and Everyone Working Well

Drama in your business or personal life has a big impact on you and your mental health. It also impacts your Business Results and bottom line.

So what can you DO about it?

Learn how to become the shift that transforms the DRAMA to EMPOWERMENT.

Episode #167 10 Ways to Increase Revenue with Online Courses

Online courses within your business are a way to give your clients access to you 24/7.

Let's explore the market for online courses, how to successfully market your courses, and supporting your clients to finish courses to completion.

All this to find ways to increase YOUR revenue! 

Episode #166 Connect Your Business Pieces to Streamline

Streamlining pieces of your business can ease your workload, help you get all your tasks done, and help you enjoy your life and your business.

Episode #165 Stop Doing Too Much in Your Business

Feeling overwhelmed or working late?  Stop doing too much in your business.  Learn and apply LEAN business principles to streamline your business and drive value.

Episode #162 Mastering Change

Change is natural in life & business.  It doesn't mean it's easy nor desired.  However, when you master the 7 phases of change, your happy success is inevitable.  One step further, you'll know how to support others experiencing the Domino Effect of your Change.  You'll be unshakable to their reactions.  And you'll have the happy "after" together quicker.

Episode #160 Business Your Way

If you wanted to do things their way, you would have stayed an employee.  But you chose to be an Entrepreneur.  Trust Yourself.  You're the best person to know what works best for you, your business and your clients.  Let your authenticity spring forth for these 3 Essential Business Elements.

Episode #157 Faster Results

What if I told you how to Quadruple Your Business in 6 Weeks, would you do it?  This will be a great experiment, won't it?

I know it's possible, because I did it myself in the early days of my business.  When it seemed impossible.  I know many of you want bigger, faster results than you have right now.  So, I'm happy to 

Episode #156 Manifesting Confidence

The #1 thing entrepreneurs tell me they want is Confidence.  It's not money.  It's confidence.  Afterall, it takes confidence to get out there and make money.  How can you have confidence with things you've never done before? Simple, manifest the confidence.  Manifestation is not making a wish and having it come true. There's more to it. In this episode I'm going to share solid manifestation techniques to create your confidence.

Episode #155 Business Evolution

What got you here, won't get you there.  As you grow your business, each level will look different and require something different.  You can either sit back and let your business path reveal itself to you.  Or you can get Intentional to ensure you have a rock solid business foundation and evolutions that will gaurantee your business stays relevant and in demand.  

Episode #154 Personal Evolution

 Every living thing evolves.  Afterall, science tells us its "Survival of the Fittest."  But what if you want to do more than just survive?  What if you would really love to THRIVE?  My friend, all it takes is a desire and a decision.  That business and lifestyle you thought were only for OTHER people?  That can be for you.  Really.  It can.

Episode #153 Focus on the Process, Not the Person

Break the drama and self sabotage in your business by focusing on the process, not the person.  How amazing will it be to have a 100% drama free business that you love, where everything works, and you AND your clients are getting results?

Episode #152 Products Designed for Learning and Doing Styles

We all know that Unique Products and Services are the most desirable.  Products designed for specific Learning & Doing styles may be the Unique feature that skyrockets your business success.


Episode #151 Business without Burnout

You didn't escape the world of corporate burnout just to get burnout out as an Entrepreneur.  Have you ever considered budgeting your energy consumption?  First, you have to have a way to quantify energy.  Let me introduce you to The Spoon Theory.  PLUS -  Learn about these Low Energy Alternatives for 7 draining business tasks.

Episode #150 Is Your Marketing Working?

I know, marketing may not be your favorite part.  In fact it can cause a lot of overwhelm and distress, especially if you're worried it isn't working.  My friend, your marketing may be working better than you thought.  Don't scrap everything just because you don't see the sales yet.  Let's look at the data in between.

Episode #149 Giving Yourself a Voice

Believe it or not, people want and need to hear what you have to say.  How do you overcome the beliefs that "I can't, I'm not the expert", "they're tuning me out", "I need to stay humble", or "this isn't helpful"? 

Episode #148 Build Confidence with Challenges

The #1 thing new coaches, healers and educators want is confidence.  Confidence comes from doing the thing.  It's a Catch 22.  How do you feel Confident to do the thing, when you need to do the thing to feel confident?  My friend, I have 3 tips for building confidence quickly while taking care of your nervous system.

Episode #147 Exciting Business Visions

How do you know your Business will be successful in 2023?  You create an intentional, exciting Vision that inspires you into action! Let's Go!

Episode #146 Year in Review

Bring the business gold of 2022 forward into 2023.  Use this workshop style podcast episode to do a Year in Review on these 5 Important Categories of Your Business.

Episode #144 Stoke the Flames of Motivation

Is your business a small fire or an exciting bonfire? When your business is OK, you may feel a little "meh" about putting in more effort.  When you have an idea of a BOLD business goal, but you're lacking the motivation, what do you do?  This episode shines the light on 1 of 3 components of Human Motivation and how you can leverage it.

Episode #143 How to Balance Learning and Running a Business

You need to learn a lot to be able to run a business.  And you need to run a business to generate revenue now.  How do you do that if you haven't learned everything you need to know?  There's a way to make both a priority at the same time.  Take a few minutes to learn these 3 Tips to Balancing Learning and Running a Business.  You'll also learn how to avoid "Time Debt".

Episode #142 Business Metrics Magic

You can achieve Business Success, even your Bold Goals, with magic.  I'm not talking about a magic wand.  I'm talking about a type of magic that actually exists.  Business Metric Magic is a real thing.  I've used it throughout my career to help business owners, leaders and teams achieve anything they set their mind to.  I've also seen how they can use metrics to abuse themselves and their businesses.  Let's avoid that, shall we?  Listen in to learn how to make Metrics work For you, not against you.  Your success is waiting!

Episode #138 Yearly Business Planning

October is the best time of year to do annual Business Planning.  2023 is right around the corner.  Anxiety and Overwhelm is significantly decreased when you plan ahead.  Use this workshop episode to get your annual planning done.  Grab a calendar and a delicious cup of coffee.  Let's get planning! 

Episode #137 Calm & Profitable Business

She believed she could so she did.  Your day is coming soon.  The day when you realize you DID create a calm and profitable business.  You made it happen!  For anyone needing a little inspiration and visualization, this is your episode.  Plus, learn the details of the Unshakable Business Co-Lab membership.  Enrollment starts October 21, 2022.

Episode #134 Inner Persona

Time for you to shine, yet your Inner Critic takes up all the Stage Time.  If you keep getting influenced and derailed by your Inner Critic, it's time for an experiment.  Try the Inner Persona trick.  When you are supported by your friends, you can't lose!

Episode #133 Decision Making

Brainstorming feels amazing!  But then reality sinks in. There's too much.  You have to make some decisions.  Decision making tools make this quick and easy.  Decision boards take it a step further. They remind you that a decision was already made and they keep you in flow to get it done.

Episode #132 Result Responsibility & Allowance

Who's Responsible for a Result?  The Customer or the Business that sold the Product/Service?  The adult child or the aging parent?  In this episode explore how Result Codependency shows up in your Business and Personal Life.  Learn the steps you can take to right size your responsibility AND be a good person, coach, healer, educator and entrepreneur.

Episode #130 Refining Your Niche

Want a business with high demand?  Want products and services that are easy to sell?  Make sure you pick a niche you love.  Then create the products and services THEY will love.  Grab your paper and pen for this audio workshop.  Use these 5 easy steps to cut through the Niche Drama quickly so you can have a crystal clear message.

Episode #129 Reason, Season, Lifetime Service Processes

You have an amazing skillset that empowers you to help anybody with any problem.  And you're great at forming relationships.  All great things, except it's hard to know when you're service is done.  And honestly, there's a little emotional struggle to say goodbye.  Creating documented, repeatable service processes not only creates clarity and emotional freedom, it also prepares you to hire contractors and employees so you can take a vacation and scale.

Episode #128 Parent Guilt and Work Schedules

How do you work to provide for your kids AND handle their constant interruptions?  Parent Guilt needs to be resolved quickly, for your business and your heart.  Join me as I share my tips and experiments from over 20 years as a working mother and stay at home entrepreneur with 5 kids.

Episode #127 Decrease Overwhelm with Sales Funnels

Reduce overwhelm by seeing the 50,000 foot view of your business and how the pieces are connected.  Sales funnel maps bring everything together and help you make sense of your activities. Use these easy metrics to guide your business decisions and schedules for a calm, predictable, profitable business that can scale.

Episode #126 Design & Plan Your Business (replay)

Build your business as you design & plan it using a Lean Value Canvas.  Starting a business requires experimentation to get the design right.  Having a framework helps you to stay focused.

Episode #125 Proof of Concept

Enrollment numbers are essential for your business.  Low (or even 0) enrollment numbers doesn't have to be a bad thing.  Resolve your emotional storms before they start.  Learn how low enrollment numbers can be used for Proof of Concept, an essential Business Development approach that leads to long term success. 

Episode #124 Self Belief

Unblocking your Self Belief results in a surge of clients and revenue for your business.  Get inspired by 3 client success stories.  Learn what shifts needed to happen and what experiments got them there.

Episode #123 Beta Testing

Your business does better when your customers are happy.  Ensure a great customer experience by beta testing your products, services and fulfillment process.

Episode #121 Smallest Effort Biggest Payoff

Starting and running a business takes a lot of work.  Just because you can do it all, doesn't mean you have to.  Is it possible to do less and earn more? Simple answer: Yes
LEAN Businesses are always looking for how to streamline, do less and increase profit margins.  As a new soloprenuer or small business owner, you may also need some mindset shifts to allow yourself to do this.

Episode #119 Celebrate the Real You

Insecurity and identity confusion are a normal part of an Entrepreneur's journy. Help your business step out of the closet with inspiration from our LGBTQ+ community.  Embrace your authentic change and reconsider the reactions of others.

Episode #118 Be Part of the Solution

Keeping our children, familes and friends safe from Gun Violence is going to take all of us.  Yes, big change is needed that will require government officials.  But we are not powerless. We have the opportunity to be part of the solution.  With these simple techniques, that anyone can do, you can have a huge impact.  SPECIAL OFFER: free 30 minute support calls May 30- June 10.

Episode #117 Creating Connections

What opportunities are created for your clients, yourself and your business through connection? Amplify the ability to Learn, Grow and Rise by creating connections with all the right people.

Episode #115 Value Mirror

Your potential clients need your services and products.  So why does it feel so uncomfortable to let them know your business exists? This discomfort is more common than you realize.  When you apply the Value Mirror concept, you'll understand what is clouding your vision of ease and what you can do about it.

Episode #113 Inspired Business Metrics

Last week 23 Businesses that started from scratch, received Million Dollar awards from a Company that was started from scratch by 1 woman.  What did they all have in common?  They used metrics to make business decisions.  Metrics can be a heat seaking missile that helps you pinpoint the exact change you need to make for a huge impact.

Episode #111 Relationship Repair with The Clarity Steps

Relationship struggles can derail your business.  AND business struggles can derail your person and professional relationships.  Have success with both using The Clarity Steps.

Episode #110 Tag Team Coaching

The best solutions happen when you invite diversity to the table.  Get and give the best service in your business by leveraging a tag team of experts.

Episode #109 Creative Business Models

Creating a profitable business is more accessible than you think.  When celebrities are using the product/service format, social media platforms and apps as you, you know you're on the right track!  Every person has accessibility to create an income and impact.  Listen to hear over 10 different creative business models.

Episode #108 Self Defeating Sentences

Your thoughts become your reality.  Want to start a new business, get your dream job or have an amazing relationship?  Pick your sentences for what you DO want.

Episode #107 Value Ladders

Confused about what to offer your clients?  With all of the options available, you may find your head spinning.

To get your business up and running, and making a profit, a little structure will help you out.  Build your product portfolio in bite sized pieces to set your client up for success.

Episode #104 Success with Feedback

You don't have to suffer from freedback.  It can be the gold for your success at work and in your business.  Try this 1 simple concept to start the shift. 

Episode #102 Learning from Experiments

Understanding your needs and what works best for you will set you up for success.  This 1 simple practice will reveal all of the answers as you build your business.


Episode #101 Overcompensating for Others

Working overtime to compensate for late, incomplete or error filled requests?  It helps calm their stress, but it's taking a toll on you, your mental health and derailing your goals.  Learn how to do some mindset reframing and retraining to create peaceful processes & communication where everybody wins.

Episode #100 Whatever It Takes

Business success is inevitable when you put your mental health first.  When your current approach doesn't feel right, consider redefining "Whatever It Takes". 

Episode #98 Make Dreams Come True

Dreams come true by vision and action. What if you had a structured process that ensured you always knew what to do next to make your success inevitable? Learn how The Clarity Steps gives you the structured process that will work for you.

Episode #97 What if I were...?

You'll achieve your New Year's Resolution when it comes from a place of love, not shame or disdain.  Learn 2 techniques to flip your personality traits.

Episode #96 Celebrate What's Working

Your progress is amazing!  Break free from black and white thinking about your goals. Look at everything you achieved this year.  It's time to celebrate you!

Episode #94 Simplicity Yields Abundance

Get the results you really want for your business and your Christmas gift giving.  The evidence that simplicity is enough is present, when you're open to seeing it.

Episode #93 Rejection Lessons

Getting a "No" is part of doing business.  It can sting, but it doesn't have to. Each experiment with the 5 Stage Customer Journey and Ready, Willing & Able Assessment will give you the "Yes" answers.

Episode #92 Get Back in Integrity

Relationships and mental health suffer when you're out of integrity.  It happens.  You get triggered, you act differently.  You may believe you were right in how you showed up.  Then self doubt creeps in.  Here is 1 simple tool to evaluate your part and the steps to clean up the mess if you made one.

Episode #91 Letting Go of the Past

Ready to move forward without the emotional baggage of the past?  You can't change the past, but you can change how you think about it.  Then life gets better.  Still feeling resistant?  That's normal.  Explore the benefits before making your decision.  A variety of technique are available to you, even if you are really struggling to let go.  When you really want it to happen, it will.

Episode #90 Benchmarking for Best Fit

Avoid getting stuck in compare & despair in your business.  You & your clients deserve a unique experience that fits you both.  Benchmarking allows you to see options.  It's not about comparison.  It's about choice.  I share my benchmarking from a Coach's workshop with Businesses earning $300k - $15M.  Business built on their own terms, being their authentic selves.

Episode #89 Business Circles

Stop working in a silo.  Your impact and reach can be expanded with Business Circles: a collection of service providers that support similar clients.  Join or create one today for endless referrals and collaboration opportunities.

Episode #88 Future You

Step into being Future You.  Embrace creative control to write what happens next. Leverage the laws of Physics to get in motion and live the life you want.

Episode #87 Processes Create Confidence

Confidence and Clarity will skyrocket when you have documented processes in a visual format.  Set yourself up for success by knowing exactly what, how, where and when to do things to make your business work.

Episode #86 Courage vs. Comfort

You're not Stuck in Your Comfort Zone.  You're stuck in your Discomfort Zone.  Courage creates Comfort Zones.  A different perspective will get you moving fast.

Episode #85 Time to Competency in Your Business Role

It takes time to learn a new job.  Learning how to be an entrepreneur takes even longer.  A Learning & Development Plan gets your business up and running faster.

Episode #84 Making the Money Work

Entrepreneurship is an emotional roller coaster with money.  Using visuals of the actual numbers creates objectivity and empowers you to make better choices.  Learn simple concepts and tools to answer the 3 biggest money questions all entrepreneurs ask.

Episode #82 Working Through Your Social Anxiety

Reducing your Social Anxiety may not be your Primary Goal.  But you know it is a huge obstacle to your business, career and social wellbeing.  Learn the 4 severity levels of social anxiety and how to reduce it safely and permanently.  Included is a special case study detailing the recovery response when my Autistic daughter had a panic response from a school bullying event.

Episode #80 How to Find Clients

Work smarter, not harder. Avoid frustration and discouragement by picking the best strategy and process for you to find ideal clients for your business. 

Episode #74 Price Drama

Price drama can leave you swimming with indecision for months.  You can't make any revenue until you make the decision.  Get unstuck with one of these ideas.

Episode #73 Customer Research

Don’t waste your time creating something people won’t buy. Customer research can make or break your business.  Show your customers, and your business, some love by collecting data.

Episode #72 Design & Plan Your Business

Build your business as you design & plan it using a Lean Value Canvas.  Starting a business requires experimentation to get the design right.  Having a framework helps you to stay focused.

Episode #71 The Entrepreneur's Journey

Inspired to start your own business and make an impact on the world?  Avoid Overwhlem and Confusion by using this 10 step roadmap to Start Your Business.  Orient yourself to the high level map before diving into the specifics.

Episode #70 Creating a Unique Business

Your potential customers are looking for things to do now that the Pandemic restrictions are lifting.  This is the perfect time to start your business and create a product/service you and your customers will love!  Learn the 5 basics of starting a business and get your creative juices flowing!

Episode #69 Thought Communities

 You deserve a mindset filled with the most helpful thoughts.  Want better thoughts?  Experiment with new thought communites. Want focus? Create a niche group.

Episode #68 Over Responsibility

Helping everyone is a good thing right?  Not when it harms your own results or causes health consequences.  Learn the 1 Key to successfully pulling back.

Episode #66 Honoring Your Word to Yourself

When you trust yourself, you'll be able to do anything.  Developing the practice of honoring your word to yourself ensures you always have your own back. 

Episode #65 Difficult People

Even with difficult people in your life, you can have peace, love and happiness.  With these 3 techniques and 1 mindset shift, relief is within your control.

Episode #64 The Coach's Journey

 Are you a coach or thinking of becoming one?  The best coaches experienced a struggle themselves.   Deeper connections and effective coaching is possible once you've gone through the full Coach's Journey.

Episode #63 Mental Health at Work

Why would employers want to support employee Mental Health?  These 10 metrics contribute to a business profit.  Mental Health challenges directly impact them. Learn how new options can help employees, business owners and the business.

Episode #62 Growth Responsibility & Opportunity

How do you break out of the Blame Game when the unexpected happens?  Use this one simple twist on a childhood game to get everyone empowered and growing.

Episode #60 Process Obstacles

When life or entrepreneurship feels overwhelming and complicated, you may want to quit. That's not necessary.  There is an easier way.  It's just some processes.

Episode #59 Mindset Obstacles

Change your mindset, change your results.  Learn to see the connection between your thoughts and your results.  Once you resolve the obstacles, you goal is easy.

Episode #58 Evolve into Your Legacy

 A legacy is made through many evolutions of yourself.  With an inspiring why, and shifts in thought, pocesses and ability, your impact will be generational.

Episode #57 Make Your Dreams a Reality with a Google Calendar Vision Board

 As a new entrepreneur you have schedule freedom and a blank slate.  Don't let panic and overwhelm consume you. Use Google Calendar as your vision board.

Episode #56 You Get What You Measure

Get clarity and traction on your big dreams by measuring what is most important to you.  Your big goals are possible in life, relationships and business.

Episode #55 Blue Sky Vision

Your future has yet to be written.  You have full creative license to design and create your next chapter.  A Blue Sky Vision is your holistic approach.

Episode #54 Getting Complete

All things come to an end, but they don't always have closure.  Learn this one simple technique to help you get complete and ready for your next chapter. 

Episode #52 Anxiety Relief: The Gift of Present

Immediate relief from anxiety and stress is waiting for you.  My gift to you this holiday season is the present.  Warm, calm, peaceful present. 

Episode #51 Defense Mechanisms: Helpful or Hurtful?

Are psychological Defense Mechanisms helping, interfering or causing chaos in your life, relationship or business?  Learn how to recognize, approach safely and resolve.


Episode #50 Obstacles are Diamonds

Add these 2 mindset shifts to change your outlook on life.  Feel better by turning the worst things that happened into the best things that happened.


Episode #48 Stay Focused; Overcoming Shiny Object Syndrome

Your goals are important to you.  When shiny objects are presented to you, they may seem necessary, yet they take you off track.  Here's how to stay focused.


Episode #47 Processing Grief

Grief is a healthy emotion when a loved one passes.  It doesn't mean it feels good.  Because it doesn't.  When grief is witnessed, the healing begins.


Episode #46 When Life Comes in Sideways

There is only so much change a human can process at one time.  How do you put your mental health first when life comes in sideways.  Simplicity may be the key.


Episode #45 Designing Experiments for Maximum Progress

Your goals are important and so are you.  Focus your energy on experiments that will resolve your obstacles and make success inevitable.  Learn how to design your experiments, with your needs in mind, to get maximum progress. 

Episode #43 How Your Helping is Actually Hurting

Your intentions are good.  You honestly want to help the person.  Yet it always seems to backfire.  Learn what is really happening and how you can change it.


Episode #42 How to Stop Feeling Judged

Harness the power of your brain to dissolve the feeling of judgement, eliminate unnecessary suffering and enjoy emotional freedom.


Episode #40 Stop Quitting on Yourself

Are you making your goal path harder than it has to be?  With this one mindset shift your can become unstoppable with your goals, relationships and dreams.


Episode #39 Overcoming the Comparison Shame Game

Comparison can be your best research or your worst enemy. Learn these 3 easy techniques to overcome your inner critic and move forward in your journey.


Episode #38 7 Crucial Entrepreneur Lessons 1 Year After Leaving Corporate

What if you left your corporate job and went all in as an Entrepreneur?  The freedom is amazing.  The uncertainty is nerve wracking.  These 7 lessons can make it easier.

Episode #36 Redefine What's Possible

When you have a burning desire for a different life, it is time to use your best asset.  Your mindset. Let's get your  mindset working for you not against you.  Are you ready to challenge yourself?


Episode #35 Regain Composure with Mindset Management

Feeling better is closer than you think.  Learn the 5 easy Mindset Management steps to clean up Fixed Mindset thoughts &  beliefs to create your Growth Mindset.

Episode #34 Feel Better with a Growth Mindset

Feeling better starts with your  mindset.  Learn the difference between Fixed and Growth Mindset, how to identify your fixed thoughts, and your growth alternatives.


Episode #33 Out of the Darkness of Depression

Depression doesn't have to be forever.  You do not have to live a life of suffering and numbing the pain with medication and coping mechanisms. There is another way.  Join me as I share my journey with depression and finding my way out.


Episode #30 Being Respected

Being respected is available to you right now.  It is not complicated. It is not structured or a step by step process.  It is honest and real. Are you ready?


Episode #29 Valuable in Business

You are valuable. And so is your business and your employer's business.  How do you make sure you are focusing your time, effort and resources to ensure everyone gets value and feels valued? Entrepreneurs and employees, this one's for you!  Let's keep those businesses thriving!

Episode #28 Magnetic Attraction

Authenticity will attract all of the best people to you.  Learn how to get comfortable being the real you, discover the pitfalls that may inadvertently be pushing people away in your current relationships, and attract new people to you like a magnet.


Episode #25 Acknowledging Problems

Just because we don't want the problem to exist, doesn't mean we can make it go away by not acknowledging it.  Problems have a way of multiplying and getting bigger.  Sometimes a problem has to surface in such a huge, painful way because it was necessary to get our attention.

Episode #24 Unexpected Joy

Everyone carries an emotional load of varying weight.  To lighten the load there are two high level approaches.  One is to resolve the items and move them off your plate.  The other is to add pure joy.  Pure joy acts as a helium balloon that lifts us up.  But what is pure joy?  And how does it happen unexpectedly? 

Episode #23 Gender Roles

What makes a real man?  Is it the money they make? Is it beer and football?  If they like to cook or keep a clean house, does it mean they are not a man?  When can a human just exist as a human?  Roles have evolved since the gender rule books of the 1950's.  It's time men get to feel some freedom from judgement.

Episode #22 Dangerous Work Addiction

Dangerous work addiction can happen to people with big hearts that are trying to do the right thing for their families, teams, customers and community.  It could lead to devastating results. Learn the signs, symptoms and how you can help keep our heroes safe.


Episode #20 Get Change without being the Bad Guy

You're just trying to get them to do the right thing.  But they just won't cooperate.  You know being the bad guy will get them to change but it feels like crap for everyone.  You are using the right behavior change concept, but you are making this 1 mistake.  

Episode #18 Preserving Relationships When You're Both Triggered

Relationships are hard enough without a Pandemic.  This doesn't have to break you.  This can be the best opportunity to grow together and thrive with new skills.

Episode #17 What If I Fail?

You and your big dream are too important to give up.  Besides, everyone is cheering you on.  When overwhelm and fear of failure are getting in your way, give this change of perspective a try.

Episode #16 Comfortable in My Own Skin

This world needs that special gift only you can offer.  If you are having thoughts about your body image or appearance that are keeping you from stepping into the spotlight, it is time to switch things up.

Episode #15 Who Do You Want to Be?

Big events in life may influence you to be somebody different, in a good way.  We can reinvent ourselves at any time.  These 7 questions may seem simple.  If you are ready for self evolution, spend some time crafting your answers.


Episode #14 Calm in a Crisis

Processing change is hard.  Events in life can happen that leave us feeling helpless at first.  It is a normal human response to be resistant, upset and scared.  Comfort comes from having a sense of control of our life by knowing what to expect.  This episode will guide you through processing change, your emotions and how to find comfort in your current moment.

Episode #12 Journey to Self Value

Self Value can feel elusive, but it is available to you at any time. It can be a journey to get there.   Understanding the phases of a personal journey can be helpful for understanding yourself, where you are, and how to get unstuck so you can make progress.

Episode #10 Clarity from Confusion

Do you have Big Dream overwhelm and confusion?  Try the 7 step Clarity Process to see your path, experience traction and realize your dream every time!

Episode #9 Authentically You

How could your life be better by living authentically you?  By hiding our true selves behind a mask, we are subjecting ourselves to anxiety and depression.  And, we are denying the world the impact we can make just by being ourselves.

Episode #7 Grow Love with Boundaries

Speaking up for ourselves or saying No can feel uncomfortable.  Concerns over how the other person will react and feel about us, keep us silent.  We just want to be liked, loved and appreciated.

In this episode we’ll explore how lack of boundaries creates more negativity in our relationships.  And how you can actually grow love by setting boundaries. 


Episode #6 Toxic Immunity

Here they come again, those toxic people in your life.  You can feel the dread building up inside of you.

What if you were immune to the toxicity?  Imagine yourself being completely unshakable around any person.  This type of emotional freedom is completely possible for you.


Episode 5: Living on Purpose

2020 can be the year you change the trajectory of your life!

Have you been dreaming of something bigger, better and more meaningful for your life? Courage to do it comes from inspiration & intention and is completely doable!

Episode 4: How to Have Mental Wellness Conversations

Emotional freedom starts with a conversation.  This podcast was designed to set you up for success to communicate your struggles and needs without shame or losing credibility.

Episode 3: Tame the Uproar

Disrespect and inconsideration are causing frustration levels to build to the point of exploding.  You just want to feel calm. This 1 mindset management skill provides amazing, calming results at work and at home.

Episode #2 Rewrite Your Rule Book

Your life going forward is a Beautiful Blank Canvas.  You can create any life that you want and feel any way that you want.  You deserve all the best tools.

Rule Books are Mindset tools used to keep you safe and give you all the steps for the Pursuit of Happiness. But, they can also keep you stuck in misery, creating the same painful picture each time. Tune in to learn how to rewrite your rule books so you can design a life you love.


Episode #1 Create a Pain Free Mindset

Your brain is doing the job of processing the world.  But, when you’re operating with a Mindset full of outdated or unhelpful thoughts, you will suffer.  

You have the power to think anything you want so you can feel the emotions you want to feel.  Anxiety, Depression and Frustration can become a thing of the past. 

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