Episode #56 You Get What You Measure

January 13, 2021

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Using data is the best way to insight any kind of change in your life. When you're trying to have conversations with people, it's so much easier to overcome emotion and influence change when we can gift data to each other. And it's hard to argue with data. Data is pretty influential. Leveraging metrics in both your life and business is a way to make sure you’re making progress. Getting the courage to measure is only half the battle, today we’re going to talk through different examples of data that you can measure professionally or personally. Defining metrics can be overwhelming, let this list kickstart your brainstorming with some inspiration for you.


In this episode, we talk about: 


  • The gift of data and tracking. You get what you measure, what does it all mean?
  • The different levels of metrics: high-level visionary, tracking, and doing metrics
  • Five different categories of metrics
  1. Well-being Metrics: your mental and your physical health
  2. Engagement Metrics: your interaction with other people
  3. Delivery: all of the widgets that you do in your life and your work, those things that you get done
  4. Quality Metrics: the quality of your deliverable, the quality of your interactions
  5. Cost Metrics: your time, your money, your resources, like the stuff, the tangible things, and your energy


[03:30] Exciting Announcement! Unshakable Women is a new program launched just for women. Learn all about Emotional Freedom, Defense Mechanisms, and becoming Unstoppable. The best part is you don’t have to do coaching alone. The program includes twice-weekly group coaching with a community that understands what you’re going through.

[06:15] What is a Metric? If you're looking for ways to make sure that you're making progress in all areas of your life, it’s time to tune into metrics. 

[08:20] High-Level Visionary Metrics. The New Years’ resolutions of the business world! These north star metrics are important to keep a holistic picture, but how many high-level metrics should you focus on?

[09:17] Tracking Metrics. The tracking metrics help move the needle on those big high-level metrics. Discover how to look for trends and define your tracking frequency.

[09:58] Doing Metrics. Breaking your data down to the doing metrics is so important. These are your daily or weekly activities that help you make progress. Set yourself up for success by identifying some of these doing metrics.

[14:31] Well-Being Metrics. Examples of metrics to measure both your mental and physical health, along with questions to ask yourself to identify powerful well-being metrics.

[21:36] Engagement Metrics. Includes examples of metrics to measure your interactions with others, along with questions to ask yourself to identify insightful engagement metrics.

[32:13] Delivery Metrics. Questions and ideas to help you identify the “widgets” that you’re doing in your life and in your work. Delivery metrics are all about measuring what you get done.

[45:48] Quality Metrics. This is always one of the more challenging data points to measure. Learn different ways to look at your inputs to have the best possible output. Quality metrics don’t just have to be for “products.” I share ideas to measure the quality of interactions, processes, services, and more. 

[54:17] Cost Metrics. We’re diving into the cost of both tangible and intangible things. Have you ever thought about measuring the cost of your energy or mental health? Includes questions to consider when identifying your costs.

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