Episode #167 10 Ways to Increase Revenue with Online Courses

August 1, 2023


Online courses within your business is a way to give your clients access to you 24/7. Today’s topic is the impact an online course can have on your business, and how to increase your revenue with online courses.  

There is a good chance you’ve purchased an online course within your own business journey. How did you learn of courses you might have purchased? Did you complete the course? Did your course include a membership or a group component? Providing these experiences for your clients could be what you need to increase revenue within your own business with courses you have already designed or could design to level-up your business. 

In this episode we explore: 

  • Is the market for online courses a growing industry?
  • The projected growth for online courses
  • What is the percent of people who actually complete the courses they purchase?
  • Ways to increase revenue with online courses
  • Methods to market your course
  • How to help your customers complete your course to the end.


Time Stamps

[1:29] Increase your revenue with online courses- Online courses are an amazing way to reach your clients 24/7 from anywhere in the world.

[2:52] The projected growth of the online course industry- information from techjury.net; how well online courses are doing as an industry.

[4:02] 1 Selling your courses- create a course and market it yourself or choose a platform that markets it on your behalf.

[5:58] 2 Selling your course as a gift- market your course as a gift; offering sales or promotion a different times of the year

[6:58] 3 Selling your course to a corporation- A corporation or organization could buy a course license(s) from you; this could fill a gap in a training program or solve a problem within that organization

[10:06] 4 Selling your course to a school district- Offering a way to fill in gaps in training or learning for students or teachers

[10:39] 5 Offering a freebie or a mini-course- Draw clients in with something free that promises some type of education and results. This puts them in your Sales Funnel as well as builds trust to get them coming back for more from you.

[15:50] 6 Collaborating with other business owners- Find collaboration opportunities other creators. This can include offering your course to their client base, white labeling (your content with their brand), or affiliate sales. 

[19:18] How many people complete online courses all the way through?- Once your clients purchase a course from you, are they finishing it to completion?

[21:43] 7 Group program with a course- Providing support and accountability through a group program is one way to set your clients up for success with finishing your course to completion.

[24:13] 8 Course followed by a standalone membership- Using a membership model can support your clients within the coursework. The first of the three models is to follow the course with a membership that is sold separately from the course.

[26:29 ] 9 Membership with 1 included course- The second model is to have the membership included with one course that clients purchase. They have access to the membership for as long as they take to complete the course. 

[28:08 ] 10 Membership with multiple course- If clients are trying to accomplish something big, maybe your courses are broken up into multiple topics and the membership is included to support them in accomplishing that big goal from start to finish. 

[29:47] Summary of the 10 ways to increase revenue with online courses- I’m summing up all 10 ways and providing you with the model I use in my business to bring in revenue and support my clients.


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