Episode #6 Toxic Immunity

Be Unshakable Around Any Person
January 21, 2020


I can’t tell you how many people have told me about the toxic people in their lives and the effects it’s having on them. The amount of pain they’re going through because they have a toxic person or they’re in a toxic environment. I like to think about most things, including toxicity, in a different way so that I don’t have that emotional pain. That’s what mindset management is all about. Finding those things that are causing us pain and trying to think about it in a different way so that we don’t feel pain.

There are things you can do with your mindset so that you can build up your toxic immunity. That way you can have the emotional freedom to be completely unshakable around anyone.

In this episode, we talk about:

  • recognizing toxic environments.
  • staying and doing the work or leaving and doing the work.
  • identifying what toxic immunity is NOT for.
  • your thoughts becoming your reality.
  • the impact of body language.
  • switching from toxic to hurt.
  • checking yourself. Are you the toxic one?

Note: If you are being physically hurt or threatened, it is not a mindset issue.  You need to leave and get safe, my friend.


Time Stamps:

[02:48] Defining What is Toxic?: I have a different take on addressing toxic people or toxic environments. Here's where it begins.

[07:24] How to Know If You're in a Toxic Environment: These thoughts and feelings are the effects of being in a toxic interaction. Sound familiar?

[10:18] Should You Go Or Should You Stay: I love using this analogy of a Redwood tree. It's a good visual and mental reference point when you're thinking about staying and do the work or leaving and doing the work.

[12:26] Important Disclaimer About Toxic Immunity: What does this topic apply to? Let's talk about what this is not for...

[14:25] Technique #1 Your Thoughts Create Your Reality: Preventing going down the whole feeling of toxicity starts with being able to identify and catch the thoughts ahead of time. Here's what I mean.

[25:09] Body Language: Can a bouncing knee or a shaking head just in fact be a bouncing knee or a shaking head? Or does it mean more?

[28:53] Seeing the Dynamic: One of the main tools I use when I coach is called the framework. It's a circle that maps out our circumstances, mindset, feelings, thoughts and action that impacts someone else. And then becomes our result.

[30: 51] Technique #2 Switch from Toxic to Hurt: Consider that the other person is hurt, not toxic. Think about this bear.

[38:37] Brake Check - Look in the Mirror: It's so easy to point the finger at everyone else and try to change them. Are you the one that is coming off as being toxic?

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