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Episode #142 Business Metric Magic

November 18 , 2022


 Do you find yourself believing it will take a magic wand to achieve business success?  Instant gratification of results would be wonderful.  However, if the magic wand draws you in because you think that is the only way you'll have success, I have a different kind of magic to share with you.

Business metric magic is real.  (Sorry, the wand is not real.  It breaks my heart too.)  I know business metric magic is real because I've been using it with companies throughout my career.

It's possible to set Bold Goals and actually achieve them.  I've seen it happen over and over again.  I've been the coach along side business owners, leaders and teams keeping them objective, experimenting & resolving obstacles, and celebrating with them as they hit their targets.

I also know how people can use metrics to abuse themselves and cause damage to their company.  I want to give you a heads up so you don't go down that path.

Business metric magic works.  It brings success when you use them correctly.  I'm sharing one case study of amazing success to inspire you.  If this 1 business owner can do it, so can you!

Make sure to listen all the way to the end.  I have an amazing free offer you won't want to miss!

In this episode we explore:

  • A case study on the power of Metrics
  • How to Achieve Bold Goals
  • Evolve to Love Metrics
  • Avoiding Self Sabotage
  • Metric Targets that bring Revenue


Time Stamps:

[02:00] Metrics Help Us Shoot for the Stars - Anything is possible, really.  Metrics combined with The Clarity Steps pave the way for your inevitable success.


[08:32] Use Metrics FOR you, Not Against You - The quickest way to get stuck is to shame yourself with metrics.  If you can motivate yourself in any way, why on earth would you choose Shame?


[09:25] Red Metric Aversion - Would you turn a blind eye to leaks in a boat just to focus on paddling?  Sure, you may be great at paddling, but your boat will sink in the meantime.  Believe it or not, Red Metrics are a GOOD THING for your business.  Here's why.


[15:42] Watermelon MetricsWatermelon may be delicious, but it has no place in your business metrics.  How do you know if your using Watermelon metrics?  Listen to this part.


 [18:10] Self Flagellation - What feels better?  Hatred or Gratitude?  Shame or Excitement?  Let's make sure you are motivating yourself the right way!


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