Episode #127 Reduce Overwhelm with Sales Funnels

August 5, 2022


 When I started my entrepreneur journey, I was totally overwhelmed. There were so many things to learn and do, I didn’t know where to start.  After a few online courses and unsuccessful website design experiments, I felt lost and defeated quickly because it “didn’t work”.  I exerted a lot of effort, and there wasn’t a payoff.


 I didn't really understand how all of the different business pieces were connected. In fact, I didn't even know what all of the different pieces were or the skills I’d need.  I needed a 50,000 foot view to understand the “lay of the land” so I could make sense of it all.  That’s where a Sales Funnel and fulfillment map came in.  


Having a high-level sales funnel is the backbone of your business.  It's what gives it all of the structure. You can see how all the efforts fit together to create a calm, planned, predictable business. You'll know exactly what to do, how to do it  and ensure your business is sustainable and profitable.  (Psst…it will also help you get to take vacations).


There’s a myth that sales funnels are confusing and complicated.  Not always.  In this introduction to Sales Funnels, I break it down into easy to understand concepts.  In my new course Smooth and Scalable - an Introduction to Sales Funnels, I make it even easier to get the big picture and choose what will work best for you.


In today’s episode, we talk about:

  • The four phases of a sales funnel: Traffic, Marketing, Sales, and Fulfillment.
  • Shifting our mindset from sleazy sales to nurturing path.
  • Measuring the pieces of your sales funnel.
  • Focusing on your customer experience.
  • Avoiding overwhelm when working on your sales funnel.


Time Stamps:

[03:19] Behind the Curtain - I was so inspired by Russell Brunson's concept of sales funnels that it inspired my next course! Here's how it all started.


[08:02] The Four Phases of the Sales Funnel - A sales funnel is going to help you figure out what infrastructure you need in order to make your business work! These are the four phases.


  1.  Traffic [15:55]
  2.  Marketing [11:50]
  3.  Sales [8:59]
  4.  Fulfillment [08:28]


[18:16] AntiSleazy Sales Funnel - Your sales funnel doesn't have to be a sleazy, pushy sales funnel. Shift your mindset to thinking about your funnel as a nurture path. Here's how I got there.


[19:15] Avoiding Oversimplifying - There's a reason we can't boil down the sales funnel to three simple steps. The sales funnel is all about progress; I break it down into micro steps to make sure we're moving forward, and each step can be easily measured.


[23:42] Measurement - You've heard me say this before; you get what you measure! Using data is the best way to progress and strategically pick your next activity. Here's how we measure each phase in our sales funnel.


[28:46] Customer Experience - Once someone does become a customer, it's so important to make sure they have an awesome experience!


[34:02] Overwhelm Sucks! - I know documenting and building your sales funnel can be overwhelming, but it doesn't have to be! Make your sales funnel process calm by using one of these two ways.

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NEW Course

Ready to have a calm, easy business with planned, predictable revenue and schedules?  This course was designed for solopreneurs and entrepreneurs with teams wanting to build their businesses to easily generate $100k-$Million+.  Includes 10 Standard Funnels (no tech, low tech, and automated tech).  Plus bonuses for Million dollar Funnel trains and Yearly Planning.

This course goes hand in hand with coaching.  I'm with you every step of the way.  For this reason, this course is only available to private 1:1 clients and Unshakable Business Co-Lab members.

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