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Customized Approach to Put Your Mental Health First in Life, Relationships and Business

Whether you're navigating a rough storm, wanting to deepen your coaching & relationship skills, or exploring your life’s purpose and creating a business, having a dedicated coach for your journey will make all the difference in the world.  You don’t have to do this alone.

There are 4 ways to work with Gretchen Hernandez and the My Freedom Grove community.

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Unshakable Group Programs

Get a customized 1:1 approach in a group setting.  Be part of a compassionate community that wants to rise together in life, relationships and business.  Separate programs for Men and Women create a safe space to talk about any subject.


Learn more - Unshakable Men
Learn more - Unshakable Women

1:1 Individual Journey

This is a completely customizable journey for your exact needs.  Choose to focus on life, relationships, work or business.  Or a combination of all of them.  View the Topic section below for examples of what's possible.

Packages are available in 3 month increments.

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Self Paced Online Courses

These courses are included in the Unshakable Programs and may be incorporated into 1:1 Individual Journey packages.  All courses come with exercises designed to get you results and develop your skillset to help yourself and others. See more details.

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Emotional Freedom

Reduce your anxiety, depression and frustration by reprogramming your triggers. Learn & apply Mindset tools to objectively see the world and think intentionally.  Use effective diagnositic tools to help you shift yourself, and those around you, from a Fixed Mindset to a Growth Mindset.  Accelerate your progress with specific shifts in common mindset pain points. View the Syllabus.

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Defense Mechanisms

Improve your personal & professional relationships.  Gain a deeper understanding of people's actions and how to help.  Develop safe & effective approaches.  Learn how to identify the 26 different psychological defense mechanisms and the typical pain behind them.  Establish and honor healthy boundaries that respect all parties involved. View the Syllabus.

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Unstoppable - Achieve Any Goal

Develop a new way of thinking and doing that empowers you to achieve any goal without the need for willpower or jeopardizing your mental health.  Master The Clarity Steps goal achievement system.  Based on the Scientific Method and LEAN methodology used in World Class Manufacturing plants around the world. View the Syllabus.

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Wellness & Business Retreats


In person retreats are offered to clients of My Freedom Grove that are active members of the Unshakable program or have participated in a 1:1 Journey.  Retreats are hosted in the beautiful ocean town of Gualala, California.  Right where the ocean meets the redwood forest.

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What Topics are Suitable for Coaching?

Any topic is welcome.  Any emotion is allowed and encouraged.  I specialize in helping people with anxiety, depression and frustration.  These are normal, human emotions. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself emoting in ways you usually hide or resist.  Again, you are safe with me. What you share stays between us.

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Online Flexibility & a Visual Approach

The Unshakable programs and the 1:1 Individual Journey coaching is done over Zoom.  I use a white board to sketch tools and illustrate concepts.  Simple boxes and stick figures are combined with the details you share, to create objective perspectives.  Additional Google spreadsheets or workbooks will be used when applicable.

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