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There's one thing I've learned for sure in the Business World.  People prefer a customized approach to support their business, skill development and mental health. 

Your business is as unique as you are.  And your needs today may be different from your needs down the road.  Take a look at what's possible and the different support options.

All support options include a "Done with You" style to develop your capabilities for ultimate self empowerment, plus...getting your deliverables done!  Yep, that includes all the tech too. 

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Individual Sessions

Perfect option for urgent timelines or quick spot help.
Schedule as many 1 hour and/or 2 hour sessions as you need.

1 Hour Session $150
   Step 1: Schedule your 1 Hour Session
   Step 2: Pay for 1 Hour Session 

2 Hour Session $300
Step 1: Schedule your 2 hour Session
   Step 2: Pay for 2 Hour Session

Business Mastermind

The Unshakable Business Co-Lab is the perfect "home" for all your business and mental health needs for the long haul.  Create as many products/services, sales funnels and processes as you want while getting twice weekly group coaching from Gretchen, the support of the community, and on demand courses to learn how to do everything. Plus Bonus Project plans for products/service & sales funnels to make it easier & faster. 


Unshakable Business Co-Lab  $249/mo.
month to month, cancel anytime 

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1:1 Business Journey

The perfect option when you are committed to major momentum in your business.  Weekly 2 hour sessions give a great blend of "done with you" service & coaching with time between sessions for implementation.

3 Month Package $3,000
includes 12 sessions (save $600 off the single session price)

Step 1: Book a Free Consultation Call

Step 2: Session schedule determined with Gretchen

Step 3: Submit payment before first session
          Option 1: Pay in Full
          Option 2:  Monthly Payment Plan

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Full Day Intensive - 
When you want something big completed NOW

Ready for serious productivity to crank out your product/service, sales funnel, live launch or process documentation and/or improvement now?  Full Day Intensives give you 8 hours of focused work with Gretchen.  We're rolling up our sleeves together to get this done!

1 Day Intensive $1,500
2 Day Intensive $2,500

Step 1 - Schedule a free consultation
Step 2 - Determine scope
Step 3 - Pay Custom Invoice

Note: In Person and Team events are possible.  Inquire during the consultation.

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