Episode #115 Value Mirror

May 6, 2022


Your potential clients need your services and products.

So why does it feel so uncomfortable to let them know your business exists?  Or to share about how you can help them?

This discomfort is more common than you realize.  Many entrepreneurs experience this.  Especially if they created their own intellectual property and processes.

It all comes down to the value you think you provide.  When you apply the Value Mirror concept, you'll understand what is clouding your vision.

Use this 1 shift to change everything.  The value will become crystal clear.  And you won't be able to stop yourself from telling potential clients about your business and what you offer.

Time Stamps:

[00:24] Coming Soon: The Connection Factor - off the shelf course - how to create more consults in your business by repurposing your mindset models and experiments.

[01:57] The Biggest Reason You're Keeping Your Business a Secret - and why the Value Mirror will help you see it

[03:53] Value Mirror vs. Value Looking Glass - This 1 simple shift changes EVERYTHING

[05:41] Measuring Value - when you really understand the value to your clients, talking to them becomes easier.

[08:46] The Value of Cost Avoidance - sometimes it's not about helping them get something valuable. It's about helping them not lose something valuable.


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