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Episode #25 Acknowledging Problems

June 4, 2020

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The people of the United States are in pain.  Protests and divisiveness are prevalent and increasing.  We may have thought we had peace at one time.  But, we were diverting our attention and not acknowledging the problems that existed.

When a problem exists, and is not resolved, it gets bigger.  And creates more problems.  The collection of problems gets so big until it can not be ignored anymore.

In this episode I share my emotional journey as I evolved this week and finally acknowledged the problem and my part in it.

We Want a Better Reality

Racism does still exist in the United States today.  Black people still are not as safe, treated the same, nor have the same freedoms and opportunities as other races in the United States.  That's not the reality we want, but it is what we have today.

We can all be part of the solution. email [email protected] with your ideas that contribute to the solution.

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