Episode #125 Proof of Concept

Why Low Enrollment Numbers are Not a Bad Thing
July 22, 2022


One thing that can create an emotional storm faster than anything is Enrollment Numbers.  Coaches', Healers' and Educators' businesses depend on enrollment numbers.  How can you resolve this emotional storm before it even starts?

Some people get excited about numbers. For others it makes them sick to their stomachs.  A number is just a neutral thing.  Our thoughts about the number are what create our feelings.

It’s true, you put in so much time and effort into preparing your offerings. Whether it’s a product, workshop, program, or one-on-one, it takes so much prep work to get ready! You want high enrollment numbers.

If you’re worried about low enrollment numbers or experienced low enrollment numbers, this is for you.  Self defeating thoughts about the number will create negative feelings and subsequent actions that will stall or sabotage your business.

Growth mindset thoughts about the number will create productive feelings and actions that will help your business.

There’s gold in small numbers (even 0).

In today’s episode I share 2 concepts that will set your business up for long term success.


In this episode, we explore:

  • Running a proof of concept for your business services and products.
  • I share a story of my first proof of concept on a workshop and how it went!
  • Getting low (or 0) enrollment doesn’t have to be a bad thing!
  • I share some of my favorite Zoom features and tricks.
  • Importance of your Minimum Acceptable Enrollment.
  • Calculating your Cost Per Acquisition.


Time Stamps:


[03:42] Proof of Concept - Experimenting with your services or course can help you evaluate if you need to tweak your concepts. Running a proof of concept  gives you evidence that your idea works! Here's how my first proof of concept went for my workshops.


[09:02] Proof of Concept From Low Product Enrollment - As coaches, most of us have been there. We launch a program, course, webinar, and there's low enrollment. It doesn't have to be a bad thing; here's what I would do (and did for myself) next.


[15:31] Jump to where I share some of my favorite Zoom features and tricks!

[19:01] Minimum Acceptable Enrollment - You get to decide how many people is worth your effort and time of providing your services. Here are two metrics I want you to think about, Minimum Acceptable Enrollment and Cost Per Acquisition. Here's how to calculate them.


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