Episode #109 Creative Business Models

You profitable business is more accessible than you think
March 25, 2022


 This episode is inspired by the highly popular celebrity musician Todrick Hall. After attending his concert, I was in awe watching his entrepreneurial spirit.  As an unsigned musician, Todrick Hall built his celebrity status and built his music career as an entrepreneur using grass roots efforts.  Not only that, with his generous heart he creates opportunities for LGBTQ+ dancers and our community.

If Todrick can create something so successful and impactful, why wouldn’t you?  It is more accessible than you think.

There are so many ways to get super creative in this digital world. What are the skills you already have? What knowledge do you have that you can build a revenue stream on? The possibilities to make an impact in this world are endless. By packaging up your knowledge and skills in different creative business models, you can generate an income source for yourself and even go beyond that and create opportunities for others.

In this episode, we talk about:

  • The multi-talented, self-supported icon, Todrick Hall!
  • Highlighting and sharing our resources and people.
  • How social media provides EVERYONE opportunities for entrepreneurship.
  • Creative business models for life coaches.
  • Tools and systems that I use to help build profitable business models.


Time Stamps:

[01:42] Inspiration from Multi-Talented Icon Todrick Hall - This episode was totally inspired by my amazing experience at Todrick Hall's Femuline World Tour. Todrick put on a show of entertainment and entrepreneurship.


[06:43] Sharing the Stage, Literally - How many artists do you know that promote and share their resources? Most people keep their cards close to their vest, not Todrick. Here's how he creates space, encourages, and downright promotes his cohorts.


[09:35] New Creative Business Models Unlocked with Social Media - The Social Media and Digital wave has really started removing gatekeepers for entrepreneurs. There are so many different business models available now, here are some.


[14:55] Creative Business Model's For Life Coaches - I've been mapping out business models using Google Jamboards since I left the corporate world. Here are some of the models I've loved.


[16:10] Brooke Castillo's Life Coach School

[16:33] Kara Loewenthial's The Clutch

[16:42] Jody Moore's Be Bold Program

[17:04] Amy Porterfield's Digital Courses

[18:24] Marie Forleo's B School And Stu McLaren's Tribe Courses

[20:19] Tiffany Werhner's Moments of Clarity Radio Show

[25:29] Oprah's Daily Insider Subscription

[26:50] Tarek El Moussa's Education Program


[30:38] Tools & Systems To Build Your Business Model - These are some of my favorite tools and systems for building and optimizing your business models. Give these a try and let me know what you think!


Creative Business Models Mentioned In This Episode

  • Social Media Content Creator
  • Fan Messages (Check out Cameo)
  • VIP Experiences (Look at Peeq App)
  • Merchandise
  • YouTube Channel (Ads)
  • Memberships
  • Limited Access Courses (Waitlists)
  • In-Person Events or Retreats
  • Radio or Talk Show
  • Website Display Ads or Ad Space
  • Education Courses
Episode Links:

Todrick Hall 

Birthday Messages Through Cameo

Peeq App 

It'sFunneh YouTube Show 

Brooke Castillo's The Life Coach School

Kara Loewentheil 

Jody Moore Be Bold 

Amy Porterfield

Marie Forleo 

Stu McLaren

Tiffany Werhner Moments of Clarity

Oprah Daily 

Tarek El Moussa

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