Episode #129 Reason, Season, Lifetime Service Processes

August 19, 2022


We all know the emotional struggle of relationships ending in our personal life.  Emotional peace comes faster when we apply the concept "people come into your life for a reason, a season, or a lifetime".

Most successful businesses include cultivating relationships with their customers.  This can create a haziness as to when the service is "done".  It might even stir up emotions.

Designing your service processes using the reason, season, lifetime concept not only creates clarity, it provides emotional freedom.

Clearly defined, repeatable service processes are essential for Quality Services, Scalability and a chance to step away for a Vacation.  Thinking of hiring a substitute or employees one day?  How will they know what to do?  Yep.  Service processes.  Here's how you get started.


 In this episode, we explore:

  • Examples of Business Services designed for a Reason, Season and Lifetime
  • What's in it for you
  • What's in it for clients
  • You don't know what you don't know.  What approach should you use to get it right?
  • A framework for multiple approaches


Time Stamps:

[00:49] Services for Reason, Season or Lifetime - Avoid confusion and unnecessary emotional struggle with this simple concept.


[07:01] Service Processes Help Business Owners - Let's face it, processes take time and effort to develop.  For many it is not an easy task.  Why on earth would you want to spend your time doing it?  Oh wait....these 3 reasons are pretty inticing.


[09:14] Service Processes Help the Client - Doing the work of mapping out processes is working ON the business right?  It takes you away from helping your client.  Or does it?  Check out these myth busting reasons why this work, does in fact, help your clients.


[12:46] How to Create Service Processes: ummm, it's another Chicken or the Egg scenario.  Do you help the client and then create the process?  Or do you create the process and then help the client?  Yes to both.  And each work.


 [13:01] 1st Approach - Market and Customer Research - Build the process, then help the client.  The upfront research ensures you get it 90%+ right the first time.


[14:31] 2nd Approach - Build the Plane as you Fly It - Help the client first, build the process as you go.  You get revenue flowing sooner, you're helping clients sooner, yet your timeline, messaging and specific success rate is unclear.  This is also know as "General Services".


[16:06] The Clarity Steps Provides the Framework - One framework, used in different ways, supports both approaches.  Remember how I said The Clarity Steps works on everything.  Take a listen to how it works in this case.

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    Mentioned in this episode:
  • Sade Curry - Dating after Divorce Coach.  Need healing, dating or next marriage help?  Check out Sade and her podcast.


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