Episode #63 Mental Health at Work

March 3, 2021


Now more than ever, employers are noticing the effects of Mental Health challenges at work.  

Current legislature recommends Employers to provide Mental Health support.  but, it is still optional.

Businesses are in business to support their customers and make profit.  Why would they WANT to support employee mental health?

These 10 Business Metrics contribute to profit.  They are directly influenced by Mental Health Challenges.  Resolving the challenges ensures the metrics are pointed in the right direction, keeping your business successful.

Learn about new industry options so you can get quick, effective resolution of challenges.  And get a positive Return on Investment.

[1:08] Business Impact when Mindset Coaching is not utilized

[7:57] The 10 Metrics, aligned to profit, that indicate Mental Health challenges are present

[9:04]  1. Productivity

[12:18] 2. Human Error

[15:04] 3. Flow

[16:40] 4. Absenteeism

[18:30] 5. Staff Turnover Rate

[22:01] 6. Training Cost

[24:14] 7. Revenue

[25:38] 8. Worker's Comp Claims

[28:50] 9. Lawsuits - Workplace Bullying

[30:20] 10. Workplace Violence - to self or others

[33:13] Current options that are not meeting the full need

[36:24] New Alternative for individuals and business owners

[41:50] New Alternative that brings the support in house

[47:58] Comparison - what it's like working without vs. with Mindset Coaching

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