Episode #108 Self Defeating Sentences

Using the Law of Attraction to manifest what you DO want
March 18, 2022


 Do you ever find yourself using self-defeating sentences? Do you even recognize when you're doing it? 

I’m sure you’ve felt the effect of Imposter syndrome as you search for a new job, crippling anxiety before heading to an event, or overwhelm when looking at your task list. It all starts with a sentence.

Business owners know the familiar feeling of dread when setting pricing. Will people only want free service?  Will they think my price is too high?

Our thoughts and sentences have the power to manifest as our reality. You want a different reality?  Use a different sentence.  Keep your sentences in check by using a mirror technique.  With a few simple word changes, you can have the results you DO want.


In this episode, we talk about:

  • how your words create your reality.
  • changing statements of “I don’t know if I’ll be enough” with a new technique!
  • improving your event prep pep talk.
  • [for entrepreneurs] pre-qualifying business prospects to avoid self-defeating sentences about pricing.
  • the time I literally made myself sick by fixating my thoughts on not becoming sick.


Time Stamps:

[0:56] Your Words Create Your Reality - Sometimes it's so hard to realize that your words may be creating a reality that you don't want. If someone held a mirror up to your words, what would you see?

[05:24] Catch These Self-Defeating Sentences - These are some examples that you might catch yourself saying. These are going to hold you back! Let's consider what's possible instead.

[05:36] "I Don't Know If I'll Be Good Enough." - Oh man, overcoming imposter syndrome is so challenging. Have you ever said this phrase? I love this new technique of changing these statements.

[08:35] Attending An Event That You Know Will Be Triggering - Have you ever had that sinking feeling as you're mentally prepping to attend an event? Make sure your pep talks focus on all of the amazing possibilities instead of self-defeating sentences, try this!

[11:40] "I Don't Know If Anyone Will Pay That Price For This" - This one might sound too familiar to my entrepreneur friends. This impacts our business' bottom line.

[15:24] You Can Create Your Own Reality - You don't want that reality of the self-defeating statements you're making, you want something totally different! Try one of these techniques to catch yourself and replace with a different thought.

[18:20] "I Can't Handle This, I'm Gonna Overwhelm Myself!" - Have you ever worried so much about physically becoming ill that you actually became physically ill? Yep, me too.  Stop manifesting the bad stuff with a few simple word changes.


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