Episode #87 Processes Create Confidence

October 22, 2021


Overwhelm and stress quickly overtake your confidence when you don’t know how to make your business work.

Distrust and frustration pop up with colleagues and clients when you are not on the same page, 

It doesn’t have to be like that. There’s an easier way.  Create visible business processes.

Get the details out of your brain and onto paper.The you can organize, optimize and plan.

Business success comes with clarity of who's doing what, when, where, how, and why.  Confidence soars when you show up like a pro.


[2:00 ] Tame Overwhelm & Stress - Give your brain a break from having to remember everything you want to do.  Avoid conflicts and misunderstandings when everybody can see the same thing.

[3:48 ]  Get Visual with the Big Picture - Don’t get stuck in the weeds, it will take forever to get out.  Start with your highest level and work down to the details when it makes sense.

[6:26 ]  Divide & Conquer - Subprocesses -  Your processes may feel like a trainwreck. It's difficult to recognize where one part starts and another ends.  Separate the pieces out and work on one process at a time.

[8:57 ]  The Nitty Gritty - Standard Work Cards - for the easiest, well oiled machine that never misses a due date, you need to document and agree to all the details.  Use the 1 Template as a one stop shop for everything related to that process.

[12:34 ] Get Ready to Scale - Zero waste, Scheduled & Delegated - When you are ready to take on more clients and increase your revenue, you are set!  Your Standard Work Cards hold all of the answers to your question of “How can we make this work?”

[18:32 ]  Next Level - Task Management Software - the onboarding and learning curve are accelerated when you import your Standard Work Card info into your selected system.

[19:55 ]  Driving Business Results - No longer wonder how to make your important KPis move.  They are all tied back to your processes.  You’ll know exactly what to do to more the needle on your metrics.


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