Episode #111 Relationship Repair with The Clarity Steps

Personal & Professional Relationships are Worth Their Weight in Gold
April 9, 2022


Relationship struggles can derail your business and professional life. AND your business can derail your personal & professional relationships. 

Of course, the easiest way to resolve tension is to sever your professional or personal relationships. But, I know you don’t want to do that.  The Clarity Steps provides the framework to make your relationships work for both of you. 

Your needs and their needs are equally important.  This structured approach gives you both a voice and time to listen to each other.  With a unified vision, you design experiments to create win-win solutions.

The only thing that gets in the way of achieving your unified vision is mindset obstacles or process obstacles.  We have tools to help you resolve all of it.

Imagine how much better your business & life will feel when your relationships are working peacefully.


In this episode, we talk about The Clarity Steps

  • Step One: Your unified vision.
  • Step Two: Your metrics - progress is always being made.
  • Step Three: The steps between you and actually achieving your unified vision.
  • Step Four: Listening to the obstacles that get in the way.
  • Step Five: Specially designed experiments  resolve obstacles.
  • Step Six: The lessons learned from each of those experiments.
  • Step Seven: Celebrating the wins.


Time Stamps:

[04:46] The Seven Clarity Steps - The Clarity Steps process is my seven-step process that I use with my clients to help them achieve any goal by rewiring your brain on how you approach just about anything in your life. Including relationships!

[06:19] Step One: Creating Your Vision - Defining a unified vision for what you both want out of your relationship helps form your alignment. Here's an example!

[10:15] Step Two: Metrics - You get what you measure! And relationships are no different. When you start tracking parts of your relationships and partnerships, you have something that you can work through.

[15:01] Step Three: The Steps To Achieve Your Vision - It only takes one person in the relationship to change the dynamic of your relationship. Use this technique with sticky notes to form customizable steps to reach your relationship vision.

[25:37] Step Four: Documenting Obstacles - All obstacles are either a mindset or process obstacle. There are different tools for each!

[26:33] Step Five: Experiments - Both of your needs matter.  Get intentional with your desired outcome and requirements. Then you design better experiments to create win-win solutions.  You experiments might get messy, but they’ll work. It's time to get in the arena.

[30:30] Step Six: Lessons Learned - You're going to uncover so much about yourself and about the other person in your relationship during this process. Reflect on what you've learned and what you want to try next!

[33:30] Step Seven: Your Wins - Don't wait until the end to celebrate your journey, find moments to celebrate your wins along the way! 

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