Episode #71 The Entrepreneur's Journey

July 1, 2021


Are you inspired to start your own business?  You know you have a skill set, perspective and experience that you can use to make a huge impact.  

Do you know how to start a business?   Avoid Overwhlem and Confusion by using this 10 step roadmap to Start Your Business.  Orient yourself to the high level map before diving into the specifics.

Entrepreneurs and Intrapreneurs (employees in a company creating innovative products, services and programs) have a similar business building journey.

Learn the 10 high level steps in the Entrepreneur’s Journey and how Mindset fits in.


[4:10] Step 1: Test the Waters and Get Noticed.  Validate your idea before you make the huge leap.

[6:23] Step 2:  Explore Industry Business Models.  Do the parts you like, leave the rest.

[7:54] Step 3: Branding, Website, Legal & Bookkeeping.  Get the basics in place.

[10:36] Step 4: Client Research.  The most important step to ensure people will buy what you create.

[12:02] Step 5: Product/Service Design & Build.  Consider the time commitment of all of your business activities as you design.  You don’t want to burn yourself out.

[14:18] Step 6: Client Connection.  Clients buy from people they know, like & trust.  Develop your skills and right size your interaction for a viable business.

[16:46] Step 7: Experiments to Develop Capability & Skills.  There’s no such thing as failure, only learning and growing.

[23:00] Step 8: Routine Processes.  Leave stress, overwhelm and confusion behind by documenting your processes.  Work ON your business so you can efficiently and easily work IN your business.

[26:12] Step 9: Marketing, Sales Funnels and Advanced Websites.  To scale your business, you need to invest in your best tools and practices.

[29:42] Step 10: Automation & Scaling.  Want to put your business on autopilot so you can enjoy your life more?  Build up your foundation so automation is possible.

[31:33] Mindset Throughout - Don’t let your mindset run amuck and derail your plans.  Put your Mental Health first.  Tasks will be easier and you’ll show up well for your clients.

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