Episode #94 Simplicity Yields Abundance

December 10, 2021

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What if you offered just one thing?  Would you feel like it was enough?

How many times have you found yourself way over doing it in your business or Christmas gift giving, just to have it backfire?

It’s time to take a peek at your mindset.  Becoming aware of what drives you is eye opening.  Simple changes in thoughts can bring you even better results, if you let it.

See the world from alternative examples where simplicity yielded abundance.  Everything you desire is closer than you think.  You just have to see the evidence.

[3:04] What are Abundant and Scarcity Mindsets - hint...it’s not just 1 thing

[5:31] Effects of Abundant and Scarcity Mindsets in Business - a comparison between a simple, thriving business and a complicated business with no customers

[13:36] Effects of Abundant and Scarcity Mindset with Christmas Gifts - even when you have multiple kids, family members and friends.

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