Episode #165 Stop Doing Too Much in Your Business

July 21, 2023


If you're overwhelmed or working beyond your normal business hours, this episode is for you.  It's time to streamline your business!

Did you know there is a whole business sector focused on helping reduce waste out of a business?  Yep.  It's called LEAN.  I happen to be an experienced, certified LEAN Six Sigma Business Coach.  Big corporations don't have to be the only businesses to get "LEAN love".  You can have it too.  It's your turn.

In this episode I teach you the first LEAN principle and the first area of your business to apply it.  You can get immediate relief from doing too much.  Streamlining can happen immediately.

When you can recognize the 8 Wastes of Business, you can systematically remove it.  This results in less workload, faster...well, everything, less stress and MORE PROFIT.

In this episode we explore:

  • The 8 Wastes in Business
  • How to See Wastes and Streamlining Opportunities
  • Inventory's impact on profit
  • Content Creation - Overdelivering value or Overproducing waste?
  • Minimum Viable Products & Processes


Time Stamps:

[02:02] While I Was Away - How I took a podcast pause to support you in another way.  Learn what's available only through the end of July!


[09:28] How to Stop Doing Too Much- Overwhelmed or working beyond your usual schedule?  It's time to learn and leverage some LEAN Business tools.  Let me introduce you to TIMWOODS, you first stop when it's time to streamline.


[19:03] How to see WASTE & OPPORTUNITY - Know what you've got before you decide what to do with it.  You business has a lot of parts, here's where to look first. 


[20:42] Overdeliver vs. Overproduction - The name of the game is VALUE for clients and Profit for your business.  So, what are you doing?  Overdelivering or overprocessing?  Listen in so you don't have to resort to selling your products at Grocery Outlet bargin market. (Friends, it's a metaphor...you know what I'm getting at)


[30:24] Drive up Value with doing the Minimum - The 2 concepts you HAVE to know.


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