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Episode #144 Stoke the Flames of Motivation

What if your Business was as Exciting as a Bonfire Party?
December 10 , 2022


Is your business a small fire or an exciting bonfire?  Sure a small fire can do the job.  It can keep you warm.  It's running.  It's OK.  

But a bonfire creates a party!  It's a huge draw for new clients.  But, it takes effort to create a bonfire.

When your business is OK, you may feel a little "meh" about putting in more effort.  Afterall, there's nothing wrong with "OK".

When you have an idea of a BOLD business goal, but you're lacking the motivation, what do you do?  This episode shines the light on 1 of 3 components of Human Motivation and how you can leverage it.

What does a Watch, a Playground Plaque and a Yacht have in common?  Listen in, you'll be inspired!

In this episode we explore:

  • A small fire only heats one bottom
  • The 3 components of Human Motivation
  • Pleasure Opportunities for Business Success
  • It's Not Showing Off, It's a Motivational Symbol
  • That's for Other People...nope, it's for you!


Time Stamps:

[04:45] Decide You Want a Bigger Fire - Come along on a fun Bonfire analogy of your business.    Discover the surprising first step to break out of "Meh" and into "Holy Cow!"


[08:47] Pleasure Opportunities - What, there's pleasure involved?  Yep.  More pleasure than you believe is possible.  All things that you once thought were just for "Other People" are served up to you on a silver platter.  It's good for you.  It's even better for your clients!


[35:15] Motivation Catalyst - Have you ever lit a sparkler by touching it to another lit sparkler?  Imagine what's possible when your clients experience your Bonfire!  Magical, big things are about to happen!  It all starts with you!


[37:10] Including Desire & Pleasure in your Business VisionYour motivation is going to be at an all time high.  Let's capture that energy in your Business Vision.  Grab your spot in the 2023 Bold & Calm Entrepreneur Workshop this Thursday.


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