Episode #90 Benchmarking for Best Fit

November 12, 2021

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Throughout your business lifecycle you will always ask yourself “Am I doing the right thing?”

As an entrepreneur, it’s so easy to fall into compare and despair.  Other businesses seem to be doing so much better.  Stop it, my friend.  Shaming yourself like that is only going to slow you down.

Let me introduce you to the concept of Benchmarking.  Benchmarking allows you to see options.  It allows you to get innovative.  It's all about choice.  You get to pick and choose the things that are right for you and your clients.

In this episode, I share my benchmarking from a recent 4 day business workshop specifically for coaches.  Learn some of the options used by Coaches with businesses making $300k - $15M.  All of the businesses were built on their own terms being their authentic selves.


[2:43] What is Benchmarking?  Learn the business strategy I used to help Biotech stay innovative.

[3:31] What is the Standard?  Spoiler alert...Entrepreneurs in the Coaching, Healing & Education industries do better being unique.

[5:13] Benchmarking as a Buffet - You have your favorites, and then you experiment with new stuff.  Eventually, you discover your favorite combination.

[8:40] What to Benchmark - So many aspects of a business, helping clients, and being a human with legitimate needs.  Where do you start?

[9:20] Containers - What is the best way to package the goodness you offer?

[15:00] Positioning - Your uniqueness sets you apart

[19:02] Content Approach - There is no end to creativity and effectiveness.  Try it yourself as a participant before you judge.

[23:14] Money - It’s not just about 1 number and 1 reason.  Let’s explore some considerations.

[34:13] Mindset - Your thoughts that got you here, won’t get you there.  When to go Thought Shopping and Where.

[42:49] Benchmarking is better than comparison

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