Gretchen Hernandez

and My Freedom Grove


Hi, I'm Gretchen Hernandez, founder, CEO, Business Process & Mindset Coach

I'm inspired by the compassion and drive of entrepreneurs, solopreneurs (1 person companies) and intrapreneurs (employees in companies that create innovative programs, products & services) that want to make the world a better place.  I believe the world needs access to more providers of unique modalities, experiences and perspectives. By helping you explore, experiment and build your business models, products/services, and processes, you will be able to make your unique impact on the world and create your legacy.

 Is this what you're looking for?

-A bird's eye view, down to granular details, of how to make an income (or create value in your company) in the coaching, healing or online education industry doing what you love

-Develop your knowledge, capability & confidence to do all the business pieces (customer & market research, product development, tech, funnels, business operations, etc.), even though your niche may change over time

-A coach to help you experiment, build and document all of the processes for your unique business AND help resolve the inevitable mindset obstacles along the way


That's where I come in...

I have a different approach to Business Coaching

-First and foremost, I see you as a human being with real emotions and a full life.  You are very important in this world.  It's my job to take care of you first, your business second.  I've experienced the undesirable physical & mental effects and relationship impacts of being overly driven at work.  I recognize the signs and symptoms.  Above all else is your wellbeing.

-I believe in starting with the highest level view first, before getting into the specific details.  After more than a decade working as a business coach, the biggest source of wasted resources in a business is misaligned work with Business Vision & Goals.  I help you see how everything is connected, use data to make decisions, and how to do the least amount of effort to get the biggest impact.

-Your mindset is your biggest asset.  And the hardest thing to talk about.  I believe in being courageously vulnerable.  When beneficial to your progress, I will honestly share my mindset & business struggles with you and the breakthrough shifts that helped me.  We are all human.  We all have struggles through our journeys.  With Mindset coaching, I'll help you self-discover the breakthroughs you need most.


My Background

My career has 4 fate-filled evolutions. My 25 year Biotech career started as a Research & Development Microbiologist, evolved into a Software & Business Process specialist and blossomed as a LEAN Business & Cultural Transformation Coach.  This is where I felt my calling to include Mindset coaching.  Cultural transformations challenge the core identify and belief systems of every human, from the highest leader to the shop floor.  It unites all of us in our equality of being human. Increased depression, anxiety and frustration can bring business to a standstill and pose a big risk to mental health.

I'm a Mental Health, LGBTQ+ and Diversity & Inclusion advocate. Diagnosed with Major Depression at age 19, experiencing a work stress induced mini-stroke at age 28, and developing anxiety during my 30's, I am all too familiar with the difficulty level of being a high achiever while pushing through challenges.  I'm a wife and mother to 5 children in a blended family. A blended family of 7 is already a challenge.  Add in children with Autism, Tourette's, OCD, Depression and a husband with PTSD, oh my.  Diffusing triggers is a daily task. Trying to be the "strong one" for everyone took it's toll on me.


During my "White Light Moment", at the depths of dispair, I discovered Mindset Coaching.  It literally saved my life.  My 3 most important teachers became Don Miguel Ruiz, Brene Brown and Brooke Castillo, founder of The LIfe Coach School. 

This brings my 4th career evolution as founder of My Freedom Grove. I'm dedicated to contributing to the global Mental Health movement.  I'm a certified LEAN Business Process (DMAIC) green belt and certified Life Coach through The Life Coach School.  I use a unique combination of Business Strategy, Metrics, Process tools, Mindset tools and lived experience to help my clients.


Throughout the week, I enjoy nature walks around the lake while listening to podcasts, sipping a cup of coffee while enjoying the ocean view from my deck, and the quick run down to the beach to dip my toes in the waves of the Mendocino Coast in California.  Oh, and we can't forget the fun of playing with our 5 small dogs and 2 cats!

About My Freedom Grove


My Freedom Grove is the industry's leading source of collaborative coaches, healers, and educators supporting the global Mental Health movement for suicide prevention iand increased financial self sufficiency.


To support 1000+ entrepreneurs to design, build and optimize their sustainable businesses and wellbeing.  Additionally, My Freedom Grove creates several yearly collaboration events and nurtures an ecosystem of clients and network partners for joint ventures to mutually expand reach and impact.


The values we share include: Authenticity, Collaboration, Inclusion, Empathy, Courageous Vulnerability, Experimentation, Personal Growth

Having a business and life you love is an inside job.  Becoming a successful entrepreneur takes a lot of experimentation.  

Everything you are learning now is setting you up for a lifetime of financial self sufficiency.  It's exciting to know that no matter where you go, you'll always have your own back to make a living.

Documenting your winning processes and routines not only sets you up to scale, it also sets you up for success as your customers' needs evolve, your business pivots, or if you decide to change your niche.

Having a solid foundation ensures you never have to start from scratch again.  You'll always know what to do, how to do it and have the confidence to make it happen.