Episode #72 Design & Plan Your Business

July 9, 2021


Rapid experimentation creates successful businesses.

Traditional business development starts with a Business Plan.  It’s a lot of research before opening the doors.  Perfectionist tendencies and no proof that the plan works, makes this unappealing.

The Lean Value Canvas provides a framework that supports your Business Model and Planning while giving you the flexibility to experiment.  Building the airplane as you fly it isn’t for everyone.  But, it's the fastest way to figure out a Business that works.


[4:27] Lean Approach to Business Design - the fastest way to a successful business

[7:29] Meet the Lean Value Canvas - your framework for staying focused with a ton of flexibility as your business evolves

[9:22] Box 1 Customer Segment - All the "Who's" that may be your ideal customers

[11:12] Box 2 Problem - How to ensure people will buy your product/service

[12:07] Box 3 Solution - Your unique solution that will solve their problem or help them achieve their dream

[13:05] Box 4 Unique Value Proposition - Keep evolving this until you nail your messaging

[15:04] Box 5 Unfair Advantage - Your Secret Sauce

[18:36] Box 6 Revenue Streams - The possibilities are endless

[25:05] Box 7 Channels - All the ways you'll reach your customers

[31:36] Box 8 Key Metrics - All of your progress matters to get to the end goal

[34:19] Box 9 Cost Structure - Want to be profitable?  Pay attention to this box


Lean Value Canvas

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