Episode #91 Letting Go of the Past

November 19, 2021

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 Some moments from our past still cause us to suffer today. It's amazing how a seemingly simple past event (or perhaps traumatic event) creates significant blocks in relationships or business today.

These mindset obstacles pop up repeatedly, pretending to be helpful. But they're not. The thoughts we had about those events kept us safe in the past, but are no longer serving us.  

In this episode, you’ll decide if you're willing to rewrite the past to help you today.  I'll share with you the traditional steps to do this.  I'll also share my recent experience with hypnosis and Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT).  

Your future is a beautiful blank canvas.  When you have emotional freedom, it's so much easier to create what you really want.


[01:40] Remembering Clarity Steps: Start your journey forward.  Leverage the structure of The Clarity Steps to acknowledge your obstacles.  Recognize them for the mindset and process obstacles that they are.  Your path is now layed out for you.

[02:27] Power of Mindset: Your mindset is made up of thoughts and beliefs you've collected throughout your whole lifetime. None of it is permanent, here's why.

[05:23] Recognizing Mindset Obstacles: Oftentimes mindset obstacles impact your life all of the time. Here are some ways these obstacles may present themselves to you.

[08:38] Going Back: To find the root of your mindset system, we have to go back. Ask yourself these questions and write it out.

[14:20] Reprogramming Your Mindset: You can have a life of ease or peace, even the motivation to do the things you want to do in life but it starts by thinking different thoughts. Here's how.

[14:46] a. Acknowledging The Old Thought

[16:22] b. Exploring The Evidence

[19:29] c. Thought Shopping

[21:36] Challenging Deep Mindsets: Some mindset shifts are going to take more than a few minutes to dig in and reprogram. I'm sharing some of the modalities I've had to engage on some of my more complex shifts.

[23:13] Rapid Transformational Therapy: Using Hypnosis to tap into your subconscious. I recently volunteered to be hypnotized at a four-day conference, and here's what I realized.

[27:50] Nurturing New Mindsets: When you plant something new, it's fragile. Here's what taking care of your new mindset looks like.

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