Episode #100 Whatever It Takes

Redefine "Whatever It Takes" to align with your True North
January 21, 2022


This world needs you and the contribution you have to offer.  People are depending on you.

Many heart driven entrepreneurs and employees feel compelled to exert time and energy above and beyond healthy limits.  The desire to meet the end goal is intense.  Sometimes your inspirational thought communities role model success, but their means may not be right for you.

What if it was possible to guarantee you meet your end goal AND enjoy a healthy journey?

Seek diversity of thought and approaches to determine your best path.  


[3:52] Unintended Consequences of “Whatever It Takes” - outdated definitions of doing whatever it takes can cost you your mental health, relationships and make your business not matter…speaking from personal experiences.

[10:53] Thought Community Influence on the Definition - Recognize the differences.  Even the best communities can have 1 thought error you may choose to pass on adopting.

[12:45] TIP 1 - Define & Align to Your True North - This 1 business tool helps with all of your decision making.

[21:25] TIP 2 - Redefine “Whatever It Takes” - Yes, this is allowed.  Success happens in many ways.

[23:42] 1. Commit to yourself by eliminating the fall back options - Believe you have what it takes.

[26:13] 2. Allow yourself to temporarily be poor & accept help - you earned it.  You’ll be grateful for the mental bandwidth and energy clearing to create your offer.

[31:04] 3. Keep the goal, be compassionate with the timeline - the tortoise and the hare.  Both finish the race.  Who feels better?

[32:00] 4. Invest in your own private space - show yourself some love.

[35:22] 5. Courage to start with the basics - afterall, YOU are the component they really want.

[37:06] 6. To get clients, pause and read a book - all the industry giants sucked in the beginning, find the ones that are willing to talk about it.  Their mindset shifts can be yours.

[38:51] 7. Redefine the side hustle - math is math, not a path changer.

[41:45] 8. Be willing to suck at doing things - how throwing clay and trimming Bonsai can change your self perception.

[45:46] 9. Get creative to fit your schedule - necessity is the mother of all invention.  There is always an innovative way to meet your needs.

[47:18] 10.  Say No to great opportunities - make sure your house is built so you are ready to receive the visitors.

[50:00] 11.  Pick 1 Boat, release the rescue boats.  If you already did #1 at [23:42], honor it.  Just because you can build a rescue boat doesn’t mean you need to.


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