Episode #151 Business without Burnout

An adaptation of The Spoon Theory
February 11 , 2023


Business burnout is real, my friends.  In fact, many burntout employees turn to Entrepreneurship to escape business burnout.

Once you are actively starting or running your business, the old familiar feeling of burnout may tap on your shoulder.  It starts to dawn on you that burnout can happen in any business situation, not just as an employee.  You already know, if you don't take care of your Mental Health, your business won't matter.  So how do you manage your energy so you don't burn out?

Chances are, nobody ever taught you a specific way to budget your energy.  Or worse, you didn't want to speak up about energy draining tasks because you feared being judged.

Luckily for you, My Freedom Grove, is a safe, open forum to talk honestly about mental health.  We learn about ourselves and others instead of judge.

How do you budget an intangible thing such as energy?

We're going to borrow a lesson from the world of Mental Health.  In this episode you'll be introduced to The Spoon Theory.  Grab your pen and paper.  You'll want to take notes from this episode.  You'll be presented with 7 different business tasks and lower energy options.  Check out the Link section for all the options shared.

In this episode we explore:

  • The Spoon Theory
  • Individual Differences in Energy Spending
  • Burnout Prevention
  • Lower Energy Options in Business
  • Energy Replenishment


Time Stamps:

[04:31] Introducing The Spoon Theory - What do Lupus and Business have in common?  Limited energy resources.  What does that have to do with spoons?  You'll have to listen to find out.


[07:55] Business Through the Lens of the Spoon Theory - You may know how long a task takes to complete, but do you know if you have enough energy to do it today?  The Spoon Theory can help you budget your precious resource so you have a financially & ENERGETICALLY sustainable business.


[19:26] How to Prevent Burnout - Quick answer...don't overspend your spoons.  What does this mean and how can you budget wisely?


[23:01] Low Spoon Business Options - There's always an easier, faster, lower spoon way of doing any business task.  Get ready to take some notes here.  I'm sharing 7 different business tasks with lower spoon options, including valuable links.  You won't want to miss this!


[38:29] How to Replenish Your Spoon Supply  Do you rely on Red Bull and coffee to makeup for your low energy?  Consider these alternatives instead.


[41:38] How can the Spoon Theory Help You? - How do you communicate about something invisible and variable from one person to the next?  Perhaps Spoons can help you in both your personal and professional life.


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