Episode #101 Overcompensating for Others

How to Retrain & Reframe so Everybody Wins
January 28, 2022


Tired of doing rush jobs? Are you burnt out working overtime and sacrificing your dream goals and family time?  How many times was this caused by someone giving you their part late, incomplete or full of errors? 

So many of us overcompensate in our processes because someone else didn’t do the thing they were supposed to do. 

When you are the one with the big heart, drive and determination, it’s easier to take on the work just to calm the other person’s stress. You get to be the hero.

However, the impact to your Mental Health, personal & business goals, and personal life is undeniable.

It’s time to retrain and reframe so everybody wins.

Today I’m sharing two different tools that will help you to understand why overcompensating doesn't work, how to retrain comfortably, and a technique for helping you manage other people's reactions. 


In this episode, we talk about:

  • Two tools that help you understand how humans learn and how get to your process handoffs running smoothly.
  • Metrics that can make business more peaceful and harmonious.
  • A technique for helping you manage how to deal with people’s reactions.


Time Stamps: 


[06:48] The ABC Model: This explains how all humans are intended to learn behavior, even all of us hot mess humans.


[9:26] The SIPOC Model: This is all about documenting the handoffs between different people in the process. Get a piece of paper out for this one!


[15:03] Rush Fees for Opportunity Costs: There is no monetary compensation for being “the nice guy” and  moving your schedule to accommodate a process change. Have you thought about the opportunity cost of not just your business, but also your relationships?


[18:14] Don't Sacrifice Their Learning Opportunities: We have to love people enough to not overcompensate and take away from their learning process. Let them learn!


[20:40] Metrics: Metrics can be our friend. When they're out and visible, life can be peaceful and harmonious. Here's are three examples of how this plays out in the work environment.


[28:08] Reaction Freedom: Usually the reason we avoid giving negative consequences is that we're afraid of the other person's reaction. You're right, no one likes negative consequences but, here's how to change interpreting their reaction.


[31:06] Red Face: A red face can just be a red face.


[31:37] Painful Words: This one hurts so much, but let the ground catch their poison. It's not yours.


[33:45] Tone of Voice: Think of an alien observing their reaction. Does it sound like this?

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