Episode #92 Get Back in Integrity

Ensuring Harmonious Relationships
November 26, 2021


Do you ever find yourself suffering after a conversation with a friend, family member or business acquaintance? I don’t know what it is about the holidays that turn into an especially triggering time. 

In the moment, you may have felt confident in what you said or did. Your actions felt so right! Yet, your relationship seems more strained than ever. Self-doubt starts to creep in. Were you really right? Is it possible that you were both out of integrity? Not being true to your own word and being out of integrity will completely eat you up.

Use this simple tool to evaluate your part. If you discover you were out of integrity, use the steps provided to clean it up. Being in integrity allows you to restore harmony not only in your mental health but also in your relationships.


In this episode, we talk about:

  • what integrity looks and feels like.
  • how triggers can cause us to act out of integrity.
  • using the framework tool to pinpoint where you have the control to stay within your integrity.
  • cleaning up your relationships to get back to integrity.
  • the harmony of integrity and mental health.


Time Stamps:

[01:26] Holidays Bring Out the Best and Worst In Us - There's something about being with our family for the holidays that becomes a trigger minefield. Sometimes by accident. And sometimes on purpose (ouch!).

[02:43] Integrity: What It Is And How It Is Influenced -  Your thought communities may seem empowering, but are they healthy?

[06:32] Get Objective: What Do You Really Want? - It's so hard to get objective and take the emotions out of the moment. Use The Framework tool (see tool below) to help you get there. A neutral, independent third party may be your best next step.

[10:45] Zero In On Where Integrity Was Lost - Sit down and try to see where you could have gone differently to get the result you wanted. Let me tell you a story about a circumstance with my husband.

[15:52] Cleaning Up The Mess And Getting Back To Integrity - I know. This is not the fun part. Integrity is what helps you have good mental health. Life feels better when it is clean.

[19:34] The Benefit Of Getting Back In Integrity, Even When They Were Wrong - It's possible to hold two opposing truths, you were triggered and they didn't intend to disrespect you. But, remember even with those truths, two wrongs don’t make a right. Commit to cleaning up your part. They are responsible for their part.

[22:16] Having Integrity In Business, At Work, And At Home - Feel at peace with yourself in all aspects of your life. You’re worth it!

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