Episode #73 Customer Research

July 16, 2021

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Don’t waste your time creating something people won’t buy.

As heart led entrepreneurs we want to help people stop suffering and be able to achieve their dreams.

The intent is great.  But will it create a viable business?

Throwing spaghetti at the wall to see if it sticks is great for rapid experimentation.  But if your customers are craving watermelon, you missed the mark completely.

Customer research can make or break your business.  Show your customers, and your business, some love by collecting data.


[1:14] Micro lesson - Batching vs. One Piece Flow

[4:16] Why you want to do customer research - What’s In It For You (WIIFM)

[8:58] The Biggest AHA moment and why it should be taught upfront

[11:46] What Info to Collect - the 2 basics

[15:33] Developing Great Questions - so you know what they are willing to buy

[17:02] A Village of Modalities - collaboration, not competition

[18:46]  What Vibe Works Best?  Don’t be fake -- you’ll get the wrong customers

[21:18] Learning Styles - don’t take a fish for a walk

[22:46] Your Delivery Preference - make it easy on you.  There are plenty of people out there that like your style too.

[25:03] Optimized for Personality - right type, right environment

[27:59] How to Get Research Participants - easier than you think

[33:46]  Above all, show respect - Stay in Integrity

[35:09] Collect Data Where You Are


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