Episode #166 Connect Your Business Pieces to Streamline

July 25, 2023


Are you feeling overwhelmed with your workload in your business? Are you working extended hours to get everything done? Are you ready to enjoy your life and your business? 

It might be time to streamline your business. 

Streamlining your business can help you. We are taking a look at your sales funnels and product fulfillment end-to-end process today. First we look at the four big steps of the sales funnel and within each step, how processes can be streamlined to benefit your business and your time. 

In this episode we explore:

  • Evaluating your end-to-end process to figure out what to streamline
  • How the sales funnel connects all the pieces of your business
  • The four steps of the sales funnel 
  • Examples of how to streamline within each step
  • How I scaled back from 54 ways to land clients to just 7 that actually worked

Time Stamps

[2:03] The Four Big Steps to a Sales Funnel- Sales Funnels are an excellent way to connect all the pieces in your business. Here are the four big steps to a sales funnel.

[6:10] Step 1: Traffic- Take a look at how you are driving traffic to your website and how you are presenting yourself once they are there. 

[10:02] Step 2: Marketing- Marketing refers to how you interact with your potential clients to drive up their desire for your product or service. How can you find your minimum viable strategy?

[11:40] Why I offered 5 masterclasses in one month- You might not need to offer 5 in one month, but I share the reason I did, and the data it provided me. 

[14:13] Mapping Out the Customer Journey- Creating a visual of the customer journey can help you avoid overprocessing and find places to insert automation. Automations are a big time saver. Let’s take some of that time back!

[18:00] Step 3: Sales- Sales can happen in a number of different ways. Maybe selling isn’t your strong suit, but finding a way to fine tune this skillset could really benefit your business. 

[23:50] Step 4: Product Fulfillment- There are a lot of components included in product fulfillment. Watch out for these examples of ways that waste creeps up in this step.

[31:31] A Summary of Today- I’m summing it all up for you and giving you some details on some of the masterclasses that are available to support you in your business.


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