Episode #58 Evolve into Your Legacy

January 27, 2021


 You are a legacy in the making.  The impact you can have now and for future generations is unlimited.

The internal journey required may feel overwhelming and confusing.

It doesn’t have to be.

Using The Clarity Steps, you can break it down to tiny, manageable steps that are just right for you.

Your personal evolution journey is your own. On your own timeline.  It’s there waiting for you.  

Kamala Harris says she is “The First, Not the Last”.  The door is open. 



 In this episode, we talk about:

  • Evolutionary Journeys
  • I share how Vice President Kamala Harris’ evolutionary journey has made an impact on me
  • Thinking about change and achieving your goals as a staircase
  • Using the clarity steps to reach your legacy goals
  • Defining your big why

Time Stamps:

[04:23] Defining Evolutionary Journeys: We all have an evolutionary journey, it comes down to these three things.


[07:08] Reflecting on my Evolutionary Journey: You are important to my legacy, here's what I'm trying to create.


[10:28] The Staircase Metaphor: Every day my strength changes, my ability and thinking change. Getting to the top looks like this.


[14:40] Using the Clarity Steps to Evolve: For each of my goals, I consider these steps and know the obstacles I encounter are always either a mindset or a process obstacle.


[18:47] Think of Your Strong Why: Evolutionary work takes incredible patience and compassion with yourself. But here's the reason your why must be so strong!


[21:32] The Butterfly Effect of it All: When you make your impact, you've made it possible for everyone else to make theirs. Here's how important you are.


[22:56] Find Your Why: Reflect on these questions and when it moves you, you'll know you've found it.

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