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Episode #20 Get Change without being the Bad Guy

or damaging anybody's mental health
April 28, 2020

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About to lose your temper with someone for their behavior?  You had the right idea with how to help the person grow, but you made this one mistake…

Take a breather and learn this 1 shift that will guarantee change...without damaging your relationships or anybody’s mental health.

You know I love to give you examples...

Included in this episode

  • When you can't get your kids to do their home school assignments and homework
  • When you can't get your kids (spouse or house mate) to do the dishes
  • When someone blames the cop for giving them a speeding ticket
  • When you can't get your co-worker to do their part of the project
  • When they forget to put gas in the car and you need to go somewhere

I know your are just trying to get them to do the right thing.  Why should you be labeled the Bad Guy and have to live with regret?  Let me help you discover some techniques that work and bring you peace & love with the other person.

BONUS: Listen to this episode twice to understand the dynamics of someone being the Bad Guy to get you to change...you can help change this around also...so you can protect your mental health and grow your relationships.

***Listen all the way to the end for some exciting changes with the Unshakable Men's Online Coaching Program.  You are going to love it!***

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 I can help you get change in healthy ways.  And reprogram your triggers so you can feel peaceful.

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