Episode #102 Learning from Experiments

Discovering What Works for You
Feb 4, 2022


Creating new business processes, including marketing, requires learning and experimenting. Not only are you doing experiments to find what works, you are also experimenting with different teachers.

It’s tempting to dismiss an experiment quickly and say “It didn’t work”.  Or to use “it didn’t work” as an escape clause to avoid the discomfort of learning and trying again.

There is so much gold to discover such as specific do’s and don’ts for your process, your learning style, your development needs, and value alignment.

Use this 1 super quick exercise so you don’t “throw the baby out with the bathwater.”


Time stamps

[1:45] Purchasing a Result or Developing Your Technique - getting clear about what is being offered

[3:11] What was the Specific Outcome You Wanted? - getting clear about what specific thing you need the most

[4:17] Lessons Learned Process - The 1 simple process to do for every experiment to maximize your progress

[4:20] 1. Result - evaluate all of the results including new techniques, thoughts, knowledge, etc.

[4:49] 2. What Worked - there's a lot about every experience that works.  This will help you know yourself better.  And provide a benchmark of what you'd like to offer.

[5:18] 3. What Didn’t Work - going beyond "It didn't work". Examine the specifics, the why behind it, so you know where to focus your attention.

[7:34] 4. What Would I Do Differently Next Time - Multiple iteration of the experiment will yield your perfect solution.  You don't have to scrap the whole thing and start over.  You're almost there.

{9:37] Learning & Discovering What Works for You (AKA “The Gold”) - Your best business, process, products & services are just as unique as you.  

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