Episode #119 Celebrate the Real You

June 3, 2022



Let your business shine with PRIDE!  (psst....get out of the business closet!)

Entrepreneurs experience fear of exposure, insecurities and uncertainty, especially as they start a business.  It's a new change. Often,  it is a new identity.  Fear of rejection and judgement is at an all time high.

This episodes explores similarites of "coming out" in the LGBTQ+ community.  Although everyone's experience is different, all humans go through a change curve.

Accelerate your progress through the change curve so you can finally get to the celebration!  Life is so much better when you're celebrating!

Personal LGBTQ+ coming out stories of my ex-fiance in college, my son, my husband, my daughter and myself are bound to inspire you and give you a different perspective on other people's reactions.

Being the Real You in life and business may bring you more support than you can imagine!


In this episode, we talk about:

  • Your Personal & Business Identity Change Curve experience
  • Your community's Change Curve experience as a result of your change
  • Virtual Reality Headset - perception vs. reality
  • Early Adopters to change
  • Cautious Adopters to change
  • Confused Adopters to change
  • "Being Out" to help others

Get More Consults in Your Business

Talking to strangers can make your social anxiety kick into high gear.  Staying home may be the easiest thing for your Mental Health, but it doesn't support the viability of your business.  This immediate access course addresses the main problem behind your fears:  not knowing what to say.  I share the successful technique I used in Biotech and as an entrepreneur to talk to strangers and get them to want a consult in as little as 5 minutes.  Mastering this 1 skill sets you up to be a fully booked service provider with a waiting list of clients.  


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