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Episode #148 Build Confidence with Challenges

January 12 , 2023


 The #1 thing new coaches, healers and educators desire is to feel confident.

It's hard to go do something you haven't done before when you don't feel confident.  But, did you know?  Confidence comes from doing the thing.

It's a catch 22.  You want to have the confidence before you do the thing.  But you won't have confidence without doing the thing first.  So now what?

This episode shares 3 tips to help you build confidence faster, in a nerve-soothing way.

Up for a challenge?  It's the quickest way to build up your skills. Learn how to do it quickly and painlessly.

In this episode we explore:

  • How emotions predict how we show up
  • Alternative emotions that are even more effective than Confidence
  • How to keep youself safe
  • Tiny targeted efforts get you there faster
  • A special challenge to kick off 2023


Time Stamps:

[03:54] Confidence is a Feeling - All feelings come from our thoughts.  How can you use this to your advantage?  Here's a quick refresher.


[06:48] Courage as a Bridge Emotion - When Confidence seems too hard, you may want to do a step by step approach.  There are 50+ other emotions available that will get you into action...which builds up your confidence.


[11:14] Have "Fix It" Plans Ready - If you're always going to be OK, there's nothing to fear.  Use this technique to soothe your nerves and empower yourself.


[15:50] Use Challenges to Focus on One Skill at a Time Not even Olympic Gold Medalist were 100% amazing at every event in a decathelon their first few years.  Why do you think you have to be 100% amazing at every skill today?  Be like the olympians.  Develop 1 skill at a time.


[21:21] The Connection Factor Skill - The #1 critical skill is getting consultations in your business.  None of the rest matters if you can't get people interested.  I have a special offer and 30 day challenge to set you up for success!



What if you had the skill to create consultations for your business within 5 minutes of meeting a stranger?  What if you were so good at it, you became Fully Booked with a Waiting List?  When you master The Connection Factor your business will be set for life! 

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