Episode #182 Create Your Suite of Products and Services

November 14, 2023


It’s time to put all your great ideas into motion and create your suite of products and services for your business. And I have the secret sauce that helps you get them all up and running while still prioritizing your mental health.


The Clarity Steps seven-step process is the same framework we talked about inEpisode #181 How to Get Client Results. In this episode we are applying that same process to building your cohesive suite of products and services tailor made for your clients’ needs and obstacles.


So get ready to put yourself in the client’s shoes today. You’ll think about where they start and where they hope to go. Then the Clarity Steps will guide you as you build your value ladder and help your clients start to climb.  


This is the second of four episodes where I am expressing my gratitude to you, my listeners, by sharing how this “secret sauce” can be used in all areas of your business. Make sure to catch all four episodes in November to learn how The Clarity Steps helps you ensure client results, design your products & services, have successful consultations, and optimize your Sales Funnels. 1 process for unlimited results!  


In this episode we explore:

  • Why the Clarity Steps is the ONE process you need
  • What is a suite of products and services?
  • How to build your cohesive suite of products and services
  • Creating micro-products and services (what & why)
  • Thinking outside the box to give your clients the best experience


Time Stamps 


[1:21] The ONE process you need- The Clarity Steps is the process you can apply to any goal for your business and keep your mental health a priority.


[3:03] Start with creating revenue- One minimum viable product may be all you need to get started. Do what you need to do to create revenue right from the start. 


[4:40] What is included in a suite?-  Your suite is all the pieces of your sales funnel plus any of those products or services you’re going to sell. Still scratching your head? Don’t worry! I’ll explain with lots of examples. 


[7:39] How do I come up with MY suite?- With so many options for products and services, there are some things to consider when you are deciding what to put into your suite. 


[13:22] Get creative to get results faster- In order to help clients achieve their goals faster, you can break up your customer journey tinto smaller, more manageable steps.Thinking outside the box might come in handy here. 


[21:25] Offering a micro-product or micro-service- Some businesses are built on offering a way to help overcome just one specific obstacle. This idea could be applied to your business and become part of your suite. 


[26:28] Creating and climbing a value ladder-Products and services need to fit what clients will need as they evolve through your customer journey.


[28:24] A+B=C (for some people)- Even if the obstacle is the same for several customers, the solutions you offer will need to have variables. This is where the Experiment step of the process comes into play. 


[34:42] Why offer FREEBIES?- There are a couple reasons why offering a freebie (or lead magnet) is a useful practice in your business. 

[38:02] Sneak peek at next week- It’s one thing to have highly desirable, effective products & services, it’s another thing to Know How to Sell Them.  Guess what?  It’s the same 1 process.  When you see the pattern, business gets SO MUCH EASIER!


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