Episode #128 Parent Guilt with Work Schedules

August 12, 2022


Parent guilt can be a daily, heart wrenching obstacle for your business.  You have a responsiblity to create an income to take care of your family.  But when they constantly interrupt you or need your attention during work hours, what do you do?

It's a chicken and egg scenario.  Which comes first?  And what about your needs?

It may feel hopeless, but it's not.  This is a solvable dilemma.

Although, it can't be turned off overnight, it can be resolved, one interruption at a time.

As a working mother of 5, I faced this head on over the past 2 decades.  As a work from home entrepreneur, it was essential to resolve this obstacle.  In this episode I'm sharing 6 tips to help you get to working schedule bliss.

You can create a win-win schedule.  You can have your needs met.  You can get your work done to create your target revenue.  And you can enjoy your family and get their needs met.

 In this episode, we talk about:

  • It's not just moms anymore.  Gender inclusive Parent Guilt being served daily.
  • Schedule experiments for a win-win.
  • Loving responses to honor your time boundaries.
  • The dreaded “I’m hungry” and “I’m bored” whines, and what to do.
  • Shining a light on task switching...now where was I?
  • Getting creative with childcare to fit your budget and trust level
  • Igniting your motivation when you don't need to work financially
  • Big jobs call for Big tools...the Mindset Model will set you free


Time Stamps:

[03:23] Parent Guilt - Everybody needs you to do everything, right?  Even when you're doing the right thing, you still feel guilty.  What gives?


[09:47] Tip 1: Establishing Your Work Hours - Get creative with your work hours to create the schedule that works best for you! Summers off, working overnight, discover your best payoff.


[17:54] Tip 2: Honoring Time Boundaries - Having established work hours is one thing.  Honoring them is a completely different thing.  Here are a few mindset shifts and communication examples for handling interruptions and time crashes.


[25:16] Tip 3: Avoid Task Switching - Raise your hand if you've been interrupted by kids at home saying they're so hungry?! Switching back and forth from chef mode, parent mode, and business mode is so disrupting. Try these ingenious hacks.  You'll see the requests fade away like a distant memory.


[30:14] Tip 4: Finding The Right Childcare for You - I know, the money and safety fear factors are in full effect.  Childcare may seem like a fantasy not available to you.  My friend, there is always a way to make this work.  Even an hour or two can make a huge difference for your business and your sanity.  Check this out.


[34:31] Tip 5: Discover Your Non-Financial Why - Kids are cute for a reason. They were designed to pull us in.  How do you break free of this magic hold when finanical necessity to work isn't your why?  


[36:15] Tip 6: Bring in the Big Tool- Guilt soup is the worst kind of soup! Shifting your mindset from guilty thoughts to loving or empowering thoughts will set you free.  Time to bring in the Mindset Model and show you how it's done.

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