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When You Just Need Someone to Listen

Free Weekly Men's Support Group Zoom Calls are available every Wednesday Night at 6pm PST.  Join the Men's Feelings Matter Facebook Group to get the call in details.

Not Sure Where to Start or if This is Right for You?

No problem.  I got ya.  Contact me for a no obligation chat.

What if Someone I Care About is Struggling?

This world is a better place when we are looking out for each other.  It is hard to reach out for support.  Or to know who to turn to that you can trust.  You are the person they trust.  You can be the bridge between them and the support they need.

If you have a friend, co-worker or loved one that is struggling, contact me.  I can help you determine the most helpful approach to get things started.

Gift certificates are also available.

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What if I want to sponsor multiple individuals?

The Unshakable Group Coaching program is an excellent, affordable option for employers and organizations to support employee Mental Health and Productivity.  Group rates are available.

Customized group programs may also be available.

Gift Certificates for both group coaching and individual 1:1 coaching is available.

Contact me today to discuss your needs.