Episode #64 The Coach's Journey

March 10, 2021


As the coaching industry grows, you may feel yourself drawn to it.

People everywhere need extra support for building their capabilities, learning how to do things and handling their mental health challenges.

Some people get into coaching just to make money.  That’s not who I work with.  Not as a Coach Developer.  Not as a client.

I only work with coaches that truly want to help others.  Every human goes through a Hero’s Journey with hardships.  The best coaches use their Hero Journey and continue into The Coach’s Journey.

[0:52] The Hero Journey & The Coach's Journey...a continuation

[3:05] Informal vs. Professional Coaches - what are all of your options for being a coach?

[6:19] The 10 Step Coach's Journey - if you want to be able to connect with your clients, don't skip the first 4 steps

[10:40] Starting the Journey from any step - Interest gets piqued at any step, but always remember all the steps are important

[16:19] Step 1 Happens Repeatedly - Coaches have struggles too.  Each new struggle helps you build additional insight and skill sets as a Coach.  Step 1 doesn't mean you're starting over.  It just another opportunity.

[17:34] Triggers happen in Step 10, it's OK. - Learn how Entrepreneur Bookkeeping can give you another Step 1 opportunity.

[23:27] Coaches Have Lots of Failed Experiments - How to feel Self Love when looking back at your earlier days of coaching

[32:41] Capturing the Benefit of all the Step 1's

[34:31] Assessing where you are in The Coach's Journey

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