Episode #124 Self Belief

July 15, 2022


If you truly believed in yourself, what would be possible for you and your business?

Would you feel confident approaching big companies and pitching high ticket services?  Would you allow yourself to be visible and offer your services often? Would you release your ghosts of business past and step into your greatness with your rock star service?

Would you be willing to reduce the scope of your services and set a higher price based on the new concentrated  value?  Would you get up on stage and let your voice be heard?

Self Belief sounds good.  But how do you actually get it?  Through experimentation, evidence and mindset shifts.

In this episode I celebrate the Self Belief breakthroughs 3 of my amazing clients had and the business result benefits that followed.  I want you to have breakthroughs too!  I’m sharing the details of their experiments to inspire your experiments.

Come get inspired.  Your self belief mindset shifts are closer than you think.

In this episode, we explore:

  • The power and impact of self-belief and self-confidence.
  • Experimenting with larger, more complex audiences than what you’re used to.
  • Taking less money to do more experimenting.
  • Being agile with your skill sets to find your best  lane.
  • Silencing your inner critic when taking new chances.
  • The benefits of fine dining services vs buffet-style services.
  • Learning from competitors.
  • Becoming a client or attendee to see your potential clients interact with another service.


Time Stamps:

[01:38] Taking the Big Challenge For Less Money - I love this story of one of my clients. He had the membership model with individuals down, but when an opportunity to bid on a corporate project came up, he took the challenge. Here's how it went!


[06:09] Second Chance Skill Set Pivot - This entrepreneur's self-belief was eroded by their first attempt at starting a business that didn't quite work out. When she focused on pivoting her skillset, the floodgates opened. Here's what happened next.


[09:57] Scope of What You're Delivering - Are you downplaying the value of your products/services by serving them up buffet style?  Explore how a single plate offering may be best for you and your client.


[17:03] When The Entrepreneur Becomes The Client - You know I'm obsessed with experiments, so this story totally inspires me! My client attended a competitor's conference, and you won't believe what happened next.


Links from this episode

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