Episode #69 Thought Communities

April 14, 2021


Your thoughts create your feelings.  When you find yourself having a limited supply of positive feelings it is a strong indicator that your mindset needs a refresh.

Thought communities, basically all of the people in your life, influence the thoughts and beliefs in your mindset.

When you open yourself up to meeting new people, with different thoughts and beliefs, your mindset possibilities are unlimited.  Discovering a new perspective can make your life amazing!

Have a specific goal?  Consider a niched Thought Community....psst...My Freedom Grove is evolving to a niched thought community.  Make sure to listen to the end for a special announcement.


ALSO NOTE: Podcast Sabbatical.  To focus on some content changes, the My Freedom Grove podcast is taking a pause for a month.


[00:47] Thought Communities & Your Mindset - How you are being influenced for the good & the bad...and in some unexpected place

[05:30] Experimenting with Thought Communities - Is it scary or the beginning of something amazing?

[09:46] Creating a Thought Community - Yes, you can "cherry pick" who you want to be around...and create some magic!

[17:48] Niched Thought Communites for your Goal - when all the brilliant minds work together

[19:30] Saying Goodbye - It's not as tragic as you think


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