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Episode #147 Exciting Business Visions

December 31 , 2022


 How do you know your Business will be successful in 2023?  You take the actions to make it successful, right?

Yes, do you get yourself to take the actions without getting overwhelmed?  It comes down to emotions.  All actions come from emotions.

When you feel excited, you'll automatically jump into action.  And when you feel intentional, you focus on the actions that give the biggest return on investment.

It all starts with an Exciting Business Vision for 2023.  When Everything is Aligned, it's magic!  

Grab your notebook and pen!  Get comfy.  Put on some brainstorming music.  We are going to create your Exciting Business Vision for 2023!

In this episode we explore:

  • The 2 Layers for an Aligned Vision and Tasks
  • Your Ideal Business Day
  • Creating Space for Exciting Activities
  • Prioritizing Improvement Projects
  • The Exciting World of Innovation


Time Stamps:

[05:30] Get Your Business Ready for 2023 - This can be your most exciting Business year yet!  Can you imagine this time next year, looking back and seeing everything that you accomplished?  Oohh, the chills!  I've got podcast episodes and workshops to get you ready, my friend!


[08:30] What's in a Yearly Business Vision? - ALIGNMENT.  First and foremost, there has to be alignment.  You have limited resources, let's make sure you are using them for the best Return on Investment.  This 2 layer strategy for creating a Business Vision works like a charm!


[10:47] Routine Day to Day Work - How great would it be if your brain could shut off about business at the end of the day?  It's possible when you have an Ideal routine in place.


[18:49] Improvement Projects Newsflash...your business doesn't have to be perfect to work.  There's plenty of time to improve over time.  Let me share a technique used in the Billion Dollar Biotech industry to prioritize your efforts.


[26:52] The Best Part...Innovation Bring on the excitement!  This may seem like just the fun "fru-fru" stuff, but it is SERIOUSLY IMPORTANT.  You do not want your business to lose relevancy and become the next Blockbuster heartbreak story.  It's the best part because you get to have FUN and have a Competitive Advantage!


[34:43] What's Your One Word Intention? A very detailed vision has the highest chance to become reality.  But, it's a mouthful.  Let's simplify it with a 1 word Business Intention for 2023.


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