Episode #157 Faster Results

March 30 , 2023


 What if I told you how to Quadruple Your Business in 6 Weeks, would you do it?  This will be a great experiment, won't it?

I know it's possible, because I did it myself in the early days of my business.  When it seemed impossible.  I know many of you want bigger, faster results than you have right now.  So, I'm happy to share.

It started when I took a class from my coach on how to Double Your Business in 90 Days.  I learned 2 simple things.  2 simple, incredibly frustrating, but needed, things.  Now I see these 2 things in a different light.  They are not frustrating.  In fact, I love them.  That's why I want to share them with you.

But, that's not all.  Sometimes information alone is not going to cut it.  You need motivation.  Significant, real motivation.  I'm going to let you in on the 1 thing that motivated me enough to get fully booked with 1:1 clients in 6 weeks, quadrupling my business.

In this episode we explore:

  • The 7 word sentence that changes everything
  • An obvious equation for how to double your business
  • The 5 different offers that lead to a sale
  • How a $4,000 workshop helped me make $16,000 before I attended it
  • An even faster way YOU can get results


Time Stamps:

[04:45] Double Your Business in 90 Days - What does it really take?  A sentence and an equation provided by a multi-million dollar business owner.


[05:47] The 7 Word Sentence That Changes Everything- The sentence is simple.  It makes sense.  Implementing it required a session with a grief coach for me.  Yes, even entrepreneurs with huge hearts can make this work.


[13:25] The Wake-Up Call Equation-  Really?  That's it?  I couldn't believe THIS was what would help me double my business in 90 days.  When you see it, you might think "Duh".  It makes so much sense.  It's obvious.  But, gulp!  Does it have to shine such a bright light on the reality of how you run your business?


[27:44] The Thing that Finally Quadrupled my Business in 6 Weeks - How could something that seemed scary be flipped upside down into the most potent motivation ever?


[30:45] Can the Clarity Steps Help you Get Results Faster? - Absolutely!  Just because I shared how to quadruple your Business in 6 weeks doesn't mean you're going to want to do it.  Plus, you'll still have "How" questions.  It all comes down to Mindset or Process obstacles.  The Clarity Steps has your back!


[32:22] How Will You Get Your Results Faster? - Implement the 7 word sentence?  Use the Equation?  The Clarity Steps?  Or do you need extra motivation?


[32:49] Final Way to Get Results Faster - Complete business activities in a weekend with professional guidance.  Even better, learn and apply Nervous System regulation techniques and resolve emotional triggers right when they happen.  You'll have a calm body, mind and soul AND have your Business tasks done during the Evolve - Emerge Business & Wellness Retreat May 5-8th.


Evolve - Emerge Business & Wellness Retreat

Calm Your Soul - Shatter Your Own Glass Ceiling
Make More Money in Your Business
May 5-8, 2023
Northern California


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