Episode #96 Celebrate What's Working

December 24, 2021

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Are you ready to celebrate your goals?  What business, personal and relationships goals were top of mind for you in 2021?  As you celebrate this holiday season, raise a glass to celebrate YOU!

You deserve to be proud of everything you accomplished.  You did way more than you even realize.

Break out of the false construct of 1 year goals and black and white thinking.  When you break it down into incremental steps and shift your focus to everything that’s working, you’ll be blown away by how far you’ve come.


[01:11] YEARLY GOALS VS. LIFE GOALS - goals have many moving parts. Break out of the false construct that they have to fit into 1 calendar year.

[03:37] THE UPSIDE AND DOWNSIDE OF HAVING JUST 1 GOAL - Focus and constraint will help you go far, but black and white thinking may stop you dead in your tracks.

[13:11] MULTIPLE GOALS & 5 ELEMENTS OF WELLBEING - You are a whole person with a multifaceted life.  How do you stay balanced with your goals?

[18:46] CONTRIBUTING TO OTHER PEOPLE'S GOALS - Don’t forget to celebrate your part.  Many achievements are a team effort.

[21:40] MEASUREMENTS - You get what you measure.  How can goals of 10 minutes of success grow to be a lifetime of happiness?

[23:46] MEASURING FEELINGS -  How will you know your progress if you didn’t consider the scale?  Which feeling did you want more of (or less of) since last year?  What’s next?

[25:23] MEASURING CAPABILITIES OF SUBTASKS - Don’t undervalue your capabilities.  New goals are hard in the beginning because you don’t have the skills.  Evaluate your capabilities compared to last year.  Going after that goal in 2022 will be so much easier now!

[27:36] WHAT'S WORKING AT CHRISTMAS GATHERINGS - You can absolutely enjoy yourself and feel all the love this Christmas when you make this 1 shift.

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