Episode #86 Courage vs. Comfort

October 15, 2021


Are you really staying in a Comfort Zone?  You hear it all the time.  Get out of your comfort zone and chase your dreams.

Today I challenge your thinking about that.  I don’t believe you are staying in a comfort zone at all.  Rather, you are staying in a Discomfort Zone.

Don’t believe me?  You better tune in.  I bet you’ve never thought about it this way before.

Courage isn’t just about chasing dreams.  

Your courage creates your comfort zone.  Want to have a business or life with “Real” Comfort Zones and no Discomfort Zones?  Let’s get started!


[2:20] Comfort Zone or Discomfort Zone?  Perspective is everything.  Challenge your thinking to see what is really happening.

[3:56] Asking Questions - Do you Look Stupid or Powerful?  Other people’s actual thoughts about you asking questions may just surprise you.  Consider what opportunities you miss and discomfort you create by not raising your hand.

[10:56] Courage to Plan vs. Being Rushed with Mistakes - Taking a break from delivering may be the exact thing that helps you deliver even more in the same amount of time.

[18:27] Comfort in Getting it Fixed or Suffering in Silence?  Speaking up continues to be a challenge.  Use this 1 technique from The Clarity Steps to eliminate your discomfort once and for all.

[27:27] What Comfort Can You Create with Courage?  The possibilities are limitless.  Need help?  I can help you find your courage.

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