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Episode #133 Decision Making

September 16, 2022


 Brainstorming business solutions is a beautiful thing,  The innovation can lead to substantial breakthoughs. However, the sheer volume of ideas can be overwhelming.

Conquer overwhelm by making decisions.  Decision making doesn't have to be an angst-filled activity that keeps you up at night.

Learn this quick and easy decision making procress that gets you moving quick.  This is the perfect process for solopreneurs, entrepreneurs and work teams.

Don't fall back into decision swirl.  Your decision was already made.  I'll share Decision boards that will help you stay constrained, focused and on your way to achieving your dream.

Ready to make your business workload lighter and easier?  This short episode is packed full of easy tools & concepts you can implement in less than an hour.  Let's get started!

 In this episode, we explore:

  • The benefit of constraint
  • Simple tools that make hard decisions easy
  • Right sizing workload
  • Visuals that keep you in Flow
  • Mental Health first while racking up achievements


Time Stamps:

[01:06] What is Decision Making - and why is something so simple such a struggle?


[01:53] A Quick Process for Decision Making - I share my most successful, quick workshop practice to get from the beginning to in action in less than an hour.


[04:04] Confirm Step Intent & Measurable Target - Don't make unnecessary work.  If an idea doesn't move the needle, don't go there.


[06:12] Decision Matrix - Get your post-it notes ready.  Use this quick sorting tool to make sense of all of your brainstormed ideas.


 [09:25] Decision Boards - Stick with your decisions.  These 3 boards are the best way to keep your decisions known and honored.


[10:52] Flow Boards - Manage your workload and ease your mind with this super simple idea execution board.  You will always feel in flow.


[16:54] Parking Lot -   It's a fantastic idea.  But it's a Next Year thing, not a This Year thing.  Use this board as a treasure chest.


[18:18] Graveyard - It's never easy to say goodbye.  But, some ideas are just not the best option.


[20:04] Stay in Constrained Flow -  Get.It.Done.  while putting your Mental Health first.



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