Episode #138 Yearly Business Planning

October 21, 2022


 Significantly reduce anxiety and overwhelm by performing Yearly Business Planning every October. Both Established and Startup businesses benefit from this activity.

Planning ahead allows you to have a balanced workload and enjoy your life.  Your success with business revenue targets is more likely with calendar strategy. This episode shows you how.

This episode is your personal workshop to plan out 2023.  I take you through 9 steps to plan out your Boulder through Sand activites.  Grab your calendar, a delicious cup of coffee, and let's get planning!


  • Holidays and Vacations first
  • Strategic Offer Timing
  • Scheduling Cross Promotion
  • Ample Build Time
  • Ad timing


Time Stamps:

[00:42] Exciting announcement - Unshakable Business Co-Lab mastermind membership enrollment opens today.  Are you ready to create your Smooth and Profitable Business while putting your Mental Health first?


[01:58] 2022 Business Lessons Learned -  Harvest the gold from your business year.  Many of your best pieces of the puzzle were revealed.  You'll want those in 2023.


[03:51] STEP 1 Important Dates, Holidays and Vacations - An enjoyable life?  Yes, please!  Your Mental Health will thank you.


[05:26] STEP 2  High Concentration Events-  You're already putting in a lot of effort.  Let's make it count!  High concentrations of your ideal customers are right in front of you.


[07:42] STEP 3 Strategic Offer Timing & Targets -  Routine or arbitary days to "Open Your Cart" may fit on your schedule.  But strategically selected dates attract your target sales.


[10:39] STEP 4 Engagement Activities - It's time to present the diamond...YOU!  Let's get ready for those big days.


[11:38] Anxiety Check - How ya feeling my friend?  This activity is to reduce your anxiety, not make it worse.  Here's a little mindset shift.


[13:24] STEP 5 PROMOTION IN ROUTINE CONTENT - Don't miss a guaranteed opportunity.  Your audience is already there and ready.


[14:52] STEP 6 AD TIMING - There's a specific sequence you may not have noticed.


[18:16] STEP 7 COLLABORATION AND CROSS PROMOTION - "I rise with a little help from my friend".  Friend being an actual human here.  They have schedules too.  Prevent schedule crashes before they happen.


[21:12] STEP 8 AMPLE BUILD TIME - Do you put the cart before the horse?  Here's how to not get trampled.


[22:42] STEP 9 THE SAND - If you put the sand in first, you have no room for the boulders.  Shift these activities to the last part of planning.


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