Episode #181 How to Get Client Results

November 7, 2023


No matter what type of client you support in your business, you want them to see the results they came for. Would it sound too good to be true if I told you there is a secret sauce to helping your clients get those results? 


Well it’s not! The Clarity Steps seven-step process is the secret sauce. It’s the framework you need to drive client success. Let’s take a deep dive into what the steps are and how they can help guide your clients towards their goals and ensure their mental health remains a priority.


To express my gratitude to you, my listeners, I’m sharing all the ways the “Secret Sauce” can be used in your business. Throughout the month of November you’ll hear episodes about how The Clarity Steps helps you design your products & services, have successful consultations and optimize your Sales Funnels. 1 process for unlimited results!  


In this episode we explore:

  • The 7-step process of the Clarity Steps
  • Setting and achieving goals (with examples)
  • Overcoming obstacles
  • Creating experiments and problem solving
  • Using this process again and again


Time Stamps


[2:21] A quick overview of the ‘secret sauce’- The seven clarity steps can be the framework that can apply to any obstacle that your client encounters.


[6:39] Gather some data- Before you can implement the clarity steps, you need to gather data, listen to pain points, and decide on a record keeping system. 


[8:10] Walk through an ideal day- Help your client paint their vision of the ideal day, break it down as much as possible.


[12:41]  Biting off JUST what you can chew- Bite-sized pieces are the key to helping clients get from point A to point B. 


[17:43] Let’s talk about results- So, how are you going to help them to actually get those results? Step-by-step, overcoming one obstacle at a time, you will start to see results. 


[20:34] Look for patterns- If you start to see some patterns in the obstacles your clients are facing, that could be an opportunity for something in your own business.


[21:40] Stop throwing spaghetti at the wall- It’s time to use structured experiments to come up with some solutions and try them out. Remember writing a hypothesis for the science fair? It’s kind of like that. 


[27:40] Evaluate results & (hopefully) celebrate the win!- The work is not done, but celebrating the wins along the way is an important step. 


[28:00] Wash, rinse, repeat- It doesn’t end at step 7. This is where you start the whole process over again to take on the next obstacle. repeat the process


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