Episode #88 Future You

October 30, 2021



Future You can do amazing things and have a wonderful life.  The impact and value you’ll bring is very needed.  Let’s make Future You a reality.

Prepare for fun. You get to dream in this episode.  You even get your very own Genie!

It’s a little bit of Woo.  Don’t worry...this version of Woo is backed by science you can see.  In fact, you already learned it in Physics class.

Learn how to leverage Newton’s 3 Laws of Motion to let the Universe work in your favor. Be a different version, best version or favorite version of you.


[1:53] Different Versions of You - Forget about the judgement of the best version or better version of you.  You don’t know what version is best until you experiment.


[5:18] Future You starts with Current You.  Acknowledge all the great stuff you already have going on!  Don’t get rid of the good stuff.


[8:15] I dream with Genie.  It’s time to have a little fun and dream without limits.


[13:00] Future feelings help you paint your world.  Use all of your senses to make your future your reality.


[18:59] Verbalize and Manifest.  If you don’t talk about your dream, how will anybody know what you want?


[21:26] The Universe and Physics has your back - leveraging Newton’s 3 Laws of Motion.


[23:14] Law 1: A body (not) in motion, stays (not) in motion.  Future You is important.  That might just be why uncomfortable things keep happening.  Embrace it, it’s for you.


[26:27] Law 2: Your speed increases when an external force is applied.  If you really want something to happen, create some Healthy Tension for yourself.


[31:42] Law 3: Every action has an equal and opposite reaction.  Resisting gifts is keeping you from growing into Future You.  Allow physics to work in your favor.


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