Episode #175 How to Get It All Done

September 26, 2023


As business owners, we are the go-go-go type. We are always busy and we have a constant to-do list. We are running our business and supporting our loved ones. Our plates feel so full, but we still want to live our lives.


Is it even possible to get it ALL done?  


Actually, yes! You can stop feeling overwhelmed and take a systematic approach to all your tasks. Then you can get it all done, and live the life you want. 


In this episode we explore

  • How to map out the individual pieces 
  • Figuring out what should take priority
  • Create a project plan that keep your priorities in place
  • Estimating how much time projects will take
  • Fitting it into your schedule 

[2:07] How am I ever going to get all this done?- Appointments, car maintenance, driving kids around, helping family––the list goes on! Trying to get it all done and run your business can be very overwhelming! 


[3:10] First, make a map for your business- Breaking down all the pieces of your business will help you see how much you actually have on your plate. 


[5:04] Next, decide what is #1 priority- What should you do first? There is a way to figure out the impact and urgency of each task. This way you’re working on what will keep your business moving forward. 


[8:29] Now, make a plan- Once you’ve prioritized, you’ll need a plan. Efficiency is key here, so the more specific you can get with your list, the easier it is to approach it with efficiency.


[11:53] Let’s talk time- It can be tricky to know how much time tasks might take. And if things take longer than you expect, you’re not alone. You can make those adjustments for next time.  


[14:15] Finally, pop open that planner- It is time to take an honest, and realistic look at your schedule. Remember, breaks are important. 


[21:26] Get it all done AND live the life you want!- I would love to support you. If you are ready, now is the time to enroll in The Unshakable Business Co-Lab. 



Prioritization Matrix

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